Alien Worlds NFT Card Game Review

In a market full of NFT games, Alien Worlds holds a very special distinction – it managed to overtake Axie Infinity as the most-played NFT game in October 2021. Without a doubt, Axie has been the most successful and most played almost all the time, but Alien Worlds has managed to overtake them at least once, with a player count north of 750k.

A metaverse type game, Alien Worlds allows users to collect NFTs, mine the native Trilium token, and access all sorts of gameplay elements. As a play-to-earn game, there are several venues for earning in Alien Worlds. Methods include token staking, NFT trading card games, mining, minting, and of course selling on the game market. It supports multiple core games including the mining, fighting, and mission games that make up the base gameplay.

Alien Worlds
Image credit: Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds Token

The native token Trilium (TLM) is used to fund certain gameplay aspects and unlike a lot of crypto games tokens out there, is cross-chain compatible. In other words, it exists and can be used on more than just one blockchain. This makes it quite useful and versatile, and it also plays a role in planet DAOs. Trilium can be mined in game and staked for a profit as well as bought on coin exchanges that support the token.


Alien Worlds has several gameplay pillars, among them basic features such as exploration and the aforementioned trading card activities. It also features sophisticated DAOs with elections, council candidates, and treasure distributions to the community. The available NFTs span quite a wide variety as well, from land and tools to minions, weapons, avatars, and more. The NFTs all have ratings in regard to rarity in order to determine their value.

Alien Worlds Cards
Image credit: Alien Worlds

The Future of Alien Worlds

As a quite established NFT game it’s further in the development cycle than many of its competitors. However it’s still far from a complete experience with a lot of revenue channels and token distribution aspects not existing yet, or only existing partially so far. Despite this, the game has signed quite a lot of large and prominent partners in the crypto and NFT space – among them Binance, Coinmarketcap, OneBlock Capital, and even Animoca Brands, a game company.


With a comprehensive roadmap covering future implementations and plans, Alien Worlds is definitely a game worth paying attention to – while the assets from the game are not yet as valuable as those in, for example, Axie Infinity, the game has managed to fight itself up to the same weight class – no small feat in the competitive yet young NFT gaming world.

It features the elements necessary to succeed – a dedicated team, varied and balanced earning mechanics, attractive and diverse NFTs and an impressive player base to boot. There are few NFT games on the market that manage all of that at the moment. Alien Worlds is comparatively cheap to get into, at least compared to Axie Infinity where the starting costs alone are several hundred dollars. As such, it’s a great game for aspiring NFT connoisseurs to get into.