Gods Unchained Review: How to Play, Gameplay & Overview

One of those many ways to spend your free time is learning about and playing a Trading Card Game (TCG), such as Gods Unchained. Depending on your strategy, and the cards at your disposal, you can become the best player in your street. Furthermore, once you make friends with the same type of passion, you can trade and make your deck of cards stronger. Indeed, this way of “the cards” became popular when the TCG started. Games like “Magic the Gathering” (MtG) had a solid player base that knew how to play well. If you wanted to join the fun, you could buy a starter deck and learn the rules with your friends or family.

Afterward, to reach a higher level, you would probably need to spend some money on “booster packs.” If you were lucky enough, you could obtain some of the rarest cards in this game. Moreover, if your deck could easily beat your friends and relatives, you could take it to another level. You could enlist yourself in tournaments and play with the best players from your town from now on.

Most noteworthy, if you had enough of MtG or any similar game, you could drop it at any time. Furthermore, the cards in your possession could stay in storage somewhere in your house, or you could sell your collection. As a result, you could end up earning more money from all those rare cards. Even though physical card games are still a thing, the new competition chances the rules that make these games attractive.

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Digital Trading Card Games

Nowadays, virtual card games like Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, or even Magic the Gathering: Arena have made their own rules. Since you no longer have a physical representation of your cards, the virtual counterparts do not “belong” to you. Why? Well, let’s discuss it even further.

You’ll need to set an account when you want to participate in any of these Digital Trading Card Games. You’ll need to download some files when you finish this process, and you’re good to go. After the program runs, you’ll probably need to pass through some tutorials and obtain a couple of starter decks.

Later on, the game might tell you that you’re ready to play against other players online. In a couple of minutes (or even seconds), you could go against an opponent from another country. Above all, depending on your strategy and cards, you could win the match.

It won’t take long when you reach the point that one of your adversaries suddenly plays a powerful card. Depending on the effects, your side of the board could instantly become eliminated. Hence, your opponent suddenly has an empty road to destroy your health points.

If you want to join the ranks of those influential players, you’ll need to invest a lot of cash in these TCGs. Even though you can open as many booster packs as you’ll like, the cards remain in your account. In other words, you cannot sell them later to regain any profit.

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Gods Unchained: How to play

With games like Gods Unchained that use crypto elements to trade many virtual goods, everything changes. Nowadays, the line between digital and physical cards has become a blur. In other words, you can build a deck from cards bought from other players. At the same time, you can sell those unwanted cards for real money.

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The best part of it all is that Gods Unchained is a free to play NFT game and it’s easy to learn. Here we’ll give you some of the general rules if you want to play today:

    • Build a Deck of Cards: Right from the start, you’ll have some decks at your disposal, ready to play. Therefore, you can play right away and leave the proper deck building after some knowledge of the game.
    • Choose your God and Power: Before the match starts, you’ll need to pick one of the main Gods that appear in the game. Afterward, if you’re having any troubles, like the one that looks better. Similarly, you can choose one that suits your strategy. Furthermore, you’ll need to pick one God Power (represented by a card).
    • Mulligan Phase: Now, you need to think about what starting hand suits your needs. It is recommendable that you look for those cards that require low mana (the number at the top-left of the card). When you start a match, you’ll have one mana to use for spells. In other words, if you do not have a card with the number “1,” you cannot play it on your first turn.
    • Play Cards: You can spend the mana (the bottom-right number on your screen) and play some cards when it becomes your turn. To achieve this task, you’ll need to click on the card you want to play, hold it and release it in the middle of the screen.
    • Sleeping Cards: Once a card leaves your hand and moves to the board, it “sleeps.” Therefore, you cannot use it to attack until your next turn.
    • Attack: If one or more cards in the board leave the “sleep” state, you can use them to destroy your opponent’s strategy. In Gods Unchained, you can direct your card’s attack into your enemy’s cards or straight to its face. In between encounters, the defeated cards go to the “void.”
    • Pass the Turn: When you have nothing else to use your mana, and you have no more attacks to make, you can finish your turn. You can easily do this by clicking the “arrow” on the right part of your screen. Afterward, your opponent gets the chance to play their cards and attack you.
    • Win the Game: The main objective of the TCG Gods Unchained is to reduce your opponent’s health points to zero. Indeed, you’ll need to think of a powerful strategy to control the outcome. On the one hand, you could focus on destroying the enemy’s board, leaving it helpless. In contrast, though, you could only focus on the health points and ignore the rest.