The Best Battle Racers Review – All About Battle Racers!

Bored of all of the blockchain games where you’re doing mundane stuff like farming? Then you’ll want to read our review! This is because Battle Racers is probably the fastest and most action-packed crypto game that we’ve ever seen. Plus it’s a play-to-earn game too which means that you can pick up NFTs from your driving skill and then trade them in for cash. What more could you wish for? So let’s see what this game is all about in our review!

What is Battle Racers?

Simply put, Battle Racers is a racing game on a blockchain. You’ll battle each car you build against other players and your racing will earn you rewards that may have real-world value. 

Battle Racers Crypto Game
Image credit: Battle Racers

As a blockchain NFT game, every car you drive will be tokenised as an NFT. This NFT will be logged on the Ethereum blockchain meaning that you have exclusive ownership of it. From here you can keep the car, sell it or trade it for a better and faster car. Above all, Battle Racers is a blockchain-based update on the standard driving game, and what’s best is that it does it very well!


Given the game’s name it’s no surprise to find that this crypto game is largely about racing some seriously speedy cars. You’ll have great fun seeing your car tearing around the cool arcade-style tracks to get rewarded for your racing efforts. The bulk of the races are competitive races against other players, but you are also given the option to practice by yourself. Such a move would be a good idea as there are some mean competitors out there!

But it’s not all about reaching the chequered flag. This is because there is a whole other side to Battle Racers where you spend lots of time designing and building the ultimate racing car. Above all, it’s a nice blend of tactical know-how and action-packed gaming that has helped Battle Racers become the crypto game to watch. 

Image credit: Battle Racers

Battle Racers tokens

Battle Racers tokens are actually the standard ERC-721 token that will be publicly visible on the Ethereum blockchain. This not only gives you a solid record of ownership but also gives you the cool prospect of being able to use your car on another blockchain game.


If you like cars and you like NFTs, then you’ll love Battle Racers. This is because each car featured here is actually a fully tradable NFT. Once you pick up one of these NFTs you will also get an invite to join in one of the exclusive racing tournaments. These include awesome contests like the Duel Cup Open, and a special one-on-one competition that could see you winning over $4,000 in NFTs and cryptos.

Not that the NFTs are reserved for the cars. This is because you’ll find plenty more tokenised auto parts and even weapons you can use to pimp up your vehicle. All of which should give you a car that can destroy its opponents, earn you some tasty rewards, and even cross the finish line first. 

Remember that any NFT you have can be traded on an NFT marketplace for real-world value. So be sure to give Battle Racers a try if you’re looking for a particularly fast-paced way to join the blockchain gaming revolution!