A Baby Metaverse on the BSC: The Crypto You

The Crypto You holds the distinction of being the very first ever BSC-based game out there. It features user-owned NFT characters in the form of babies! That’s right, it’s all about babies. Users can have as many as they want and do all sorts of things with them – from summoning, raising, and merging them all the way to fighting against some nefarious villains.

The Crypto You NFTs

As mentioned, all NFTs are babies. They have a variety of stats such as strength, stamina, vitality, grit, dexterity, mentality, and inventory slots, as well as rarities, roles and damage types. It’s quite a sophisticated system similar to RPGs with weapons, armour, equipment and more. Like with any crypto game, The Crypto You has a variety of play to earn features, that are centred around the tokens the game uses.

The Crypto You
Image credit: The Crypto You

While the NFTs are these unique, user-owned babies, there is more. The underlying currency used in the game is $MILK – it is used for in-game transactions such as sales in the market, or rewards for in-game successes, and is also consumed in order to level up and improve the babies. There is a separate token for summoning baby characters – $BABY. Play-to-earn features include battling, looting, socially engaging with others, and placing highly in the seasonal rankings with your tiny family.

$BABY isn’t infinite – they are burned in certain uses. $BABY is burned when new babies are summoned at a rate of 10% of the used amount, and also when babies are levelled up, at the same rate. $MILK is different – it doesn’t burn in the same way, as it has a circulating supply, of which only small amounts will be burned, with the rest going to a treasury. From there, it will be used for rewards and therefore go back to users eventually. NFTs can burn too – at higher levels, there is a chance that levelling up a baby can fail, in which case the NFT will burn, and be removed from your wallet.

The Gameplay

The Crypto You has quite a familiar sort of structure – there are daily quests, battles, PvE, PvP, looting, and so on. The game firmly takes the format of any MMO out there – complete with mounts, pets, team battles and more. The point of much of this is to earn $MILK. Babies can have different jobs, in which they mint milk. For a more active approach to earning, there is PvE – combat, exploration and looting.

The Crypto You Gameplay
Image credit: The Crypto You

Some functions like equipment, chests and more aren’t live yet and will be added to the game in the future. For now, users are limited to the basic functions of summoning, levelling up, and mining via the baby job system that is determined by what babies you’ve summoned, and the attributes and stats that they have.