Apex Legends Betting

Your Guide to Apex Legends Betting

Apex Legends entered the gaming scene with a bang. Released in February of 2019, this Respawn Entertainment title stunned gamers with a thrilling mix of battle royale and class-based shooters, surpassing 50 million players within 30 days of its release.

And while things have calmed down a bit since then, Apex Legends still remains one of the top multiplayer games out there.

With parties like Twitch, FACEIT, and even ESPN organizing events for this battle royale title, the game seems set to become next big esport. And gamblers and bookmakers quickly took an interest in this newest spin on the battle royale genre.

There aren’t many Apex Legends betting opportunities at the moment. But things will likely change in the future, so here’s everything you need to know to develop a successful gambling strategy for this battle royale title!

Gameplay & Pro Play

At first glance, the Apex Legends gameplay seems to follow the rules of the battle royale genre. Every match begins with a large group of players—usually, 20 squads of three—dropping onto an isolated map and engaging in free-for-all combat. The goal is simple: become the last team standing. But getting to it requires you to constantly move around the map while scavenging for loot, hunting other players, and trying to outrun the shrinking playable area.

There’s also a number of differences.

Before a match even starts, every player gets to pick a Legend—a playable character with its own stats, traits, and game-changing abilities. Mastering your Legend is just as important as learning how to fire a weapon, and a team of players with in-depth knowledge of their characters will have a massive edge over the less experienced opposition.

Combine that with the fact that Legends can highlight each other’s strengths and cover weaknesses, and there’s a lot of room for developing synergies and experimenting with different squad compositions.

Another thing that stands out about Apex Legends is movement. Players will sprint, slide, climb mountains, fly down zip lines, and even use reality-bending teleports to outmaneuver their opponents. This keeps the pace of the game nice and fast, turning every skirmish into a flurry of dashes, dodges, and explosive gunfights.

Finally, Apex Legends is still in the process of developing its competitive scene. The game doesn’t have the ability to create custom lobbies, so it’s nigh impossible for multiple pro players to end up in the same match. With that, most Apex Legends tournaments (read also our Esports Tournaments page) come down to which team performs best in a series of pick-up games, so you get to watch pros competing on the same field as regular players.


Introduction to Apex Legends Tournaments

Professional Apex Legends is still in its infancy, so the tournament circuit is always evolving. This is particularly clear when you consider that the current generation of pro players has no way of directly competing against each other. With that, tournament organizers (and Apex Legends betting sites) keep coming up with new creative ways to highlight player skill, resulting in some of the most creative formats in esports.

For example, the FACEIT Pro Series required teams to play a total of 12 matches per day. Afterwards, their kills and top-3 placings were converted into points and added together to determine how well they stacked up against the competition. The winners were decided by who had the most points by the end of the week, and teams had a total of 8 weeks to compete for a weekly $5,000 prize pool.

Another tournament—368: Apex Season 2—asked teams to play 5 matches in the Ranked mode. Each kill gave 1 point, and each win threw in 10 points on top of that, and the team that got the most points emerged victoriously. Some events enforce even stricter rules, and large-field tournaments like LVUP OPEN and GEFORCE ICAFE ATTACK 2019 only give players up to one hour to play their games.

One notable exception to this rule is the TwitchCon Europe Showdown 2019. This event featured all the participants playing together on a single map, so viewers finally got the chance to spectate a high-level Apex Legends match.

That seemed like a one-time occurrence, though, and—at the time of this writing—no tournaments have managed to replicate this format.

Choosing an Apex Legends Betting Site

Alright, now that you’ve learned a thing or two about the game and its competitive circuit, it’s time to jump into Apex Legends betting! The first step is to find a quality bookmaker.

This is also the most important step of them all, as a good gambling provider can set you up for long-term success, but a shady operator can reduce your winnings to nothing.

Of course, it can be difficult to separate the former from the later—which is exactly why we’ve prepared 3 betting sites that are likely to offer the best deals on Apex Legends matches!

1. Betway

Betway has always been known for its fantastic esports coverage. Founded in 2006, this platform was one of the first major bookmakers to release odds for competitive video games (read also our Esports Odds guide).

Betway also manages to stand out from the crowd by providing a constant stream of unique promotions and varied betting offers.

The €30 free bet welcome bonus is the cherry on top of the cake, and you can extract a lot of value out of this platform once it starts releasing Apex Legends markets.

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2. Redbet

Redbet also has a tendency to innovate. Founded in 2002, this bookmaker comes with a grand design and an even grander selection of esports offers.

Moreover, Redbet has one of the best in-play sections out there, so if live betting on Apex Legends matches is ever an option, this site will be way ahead of the curve.

The welcome bonus of two €10 risk-free bets is also a great fit for newcomers, as they can explore esports gambling without risking their hard-earned money.

3. William Hill

William Hill stands in a league of its own. Founded way back in 1934, this operator is fully aware of what it means to create a top-tier esports betting experience.

With that, you can expect great payment method variety, lightning-speed withdrawal times, 24/7 customer service, and a generous welcome bonus of up to €30 in free bets.

The only downside is that we don’t see William Hill picking up Apex Legends as fast as the other platforms on our list. But if you can afford to wait, this can be a great place to bet on Apex matches!

Tips and Strategies for Apex Legends Betting

It’s impossible to tell how Apex Legends betting will look in a couple of months.

Tournaments will likely come up with different formats, players will discover new tactics, and game developers will release the custom lobby feature that will turn the entire scene on its head.

Rest assured, there will be a lot of changes in the nearest future. But that doesn’t mean you should sit around and wait for them!

In fact, here are 3 gambling tips that you can implement today to get the best possible start when betting on Apex Legends matches:

1. Follow The Scene

Research is the foundation of every successful gambling strategy. You need to know who the top players are, how they approach the game, and what makes them so dominant.

Otherwise, you’ll be unable to tell the underdogs from the favorites. The best way to do so is by keeping up with the /r/CompetitiveLegends subreddit.

This resource is entirely devoted to post-match threads, competitive tactics, and meta analysis—and it’s the perfect place to get a good feel for the scene.

2. Learn From Twitch Streams

Okay, we know what you’re going to say. Apex Legends is no longer at the top of the Most Watched page, so there are only so many streams you can follow, right? Well, not exactly.

Despite its fluctuating popularity in the world of live broadcasting, Apex Legends still has a decent number of quality streamers representing it on Twitch. Players like Dizzy, Kraftyy, and Viss offer a lot of insight into the highest level of battle royale gameplay, and you can take away a lot of things by watching their streams.

And while not every game will be indicative of how these players approach tournament matches, it’s still a great baseline for how pro players think and act on the battlefield.

3. Try The Game Yourself

One of the best things about Apex Legends is that it’s free-to-play. This means that pretty much anyone can pick the game up and jump right into action.

Granted, it might take some time before you get your first win, but the beauty of the battle royale genre is that it doesn’t have pauses or downtimes.

Once your team is dead, you can go move on to the next game. And in the end, there are few better ways of learning the game than trying it yourself.

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