ESL Pro League Season 15 Group A Recap

The first group, Group A, matches of ESL Pro League Season 15 are done as Ninjas In Pyjamas topped its opponent in style. Surprisingly, G2 Esports failed to qualify for the upper stages and the esports competition continues with Group B games. ENCE and FURIA Esports are the only undefeated of the group and the latest major winner FaZe Clan yet to win a single game. Today, we will be summarising everything that happened in Group A!


Team Name Wins Losses
1 Ninjas In Pyjamas 4 1
2 Entropiq 4 1
3 Fnatic 3 2
4 MOUZ 2 3
5 G2 Esports 2 3
6 LookingForOrg 0 5


  • G2 Esports | 2 – 0 | LookingForOrg
  • Entropiq | 2 – 0 | MOUZ
  • Ninjas In Pyjamas | 2 – 0 | Fnatic
  • MOUZ | 2 – 0 | G2 Esports
  • Ninjas In Pyjamas | 2 – 0 | Entropiq
  • LookingForOrg | 1 – 2 | Fnatic
  • Ninjas In Pjyamas | 2 – 1 | MOUZ
  • LookingForOrg | 0 – 2 | Entropiq
  • G2 Esports | 1 – 2 | Fnatic
  • Ninjas In Pyjamas | 2 – 1 | LookingForOrg
  • Fnatic | 2 – 1 | MOUZ
  • G2 Esports | 1 – 2 | Entropiq
  • G2 Esports | 2 – 0 | Ninjas In Pyjamas
  • Fnatic | 0 – 2 | Entropiq
  • LookingForOrg| 0 – 2 | MOUZ
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Credit: ESL

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Ninjas In Pyjamas

The Scandinavian roster of Ninjas In Pjyamas had a marvelous performance during the ESL Pro League Season 15 Group A games. NIP faced one loss, against G2 Esports and won its other four games. Even though Entropiq was also another team that secured four wins in the group stage, NIP’s round +/- was +45, and Entropiq’s was only +18. The team signed Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz by paying a million-dollar buyout but the player is now benched and it looks like NIP doesn’t really need the Danish star. With Hampus “hampus” Poser’s lead, the Scandinavian team looked scary before going into the playoffs.


Entropiq, the other team of the group with four wins, also had a successful group stage coming up second behind Ninjas In Pyjamas. However, because of the rounds difference, Entropiq will continue its way from the Round of 12 instead of qualifying for the quarterfinals. The Czech esports organisation is formed by four Russians and one Kazakh. Entropiq’s only loss was against the group leader Ninjas In Pyjamas which seems acceptable. The players are now waiting for other groups’ games to see who they will face in the Round of 12.


The third team that has qualified for the Round of 12 is Fnatic. FNC picked up three wins to secure itself a third place, right above G2 Esports. After parting ways with Owen “smooya” Butterfield, Iulian “regali” Harjau got the British player’s role and Fnatic’s rise continued. Alexander “ALEX” McMeekin’s lead means a lot for the roster even though they have two more veterans, Freddy ” KRIMZ” Johansson and Ludvig “Brollan” Brolin. Just like Entropiq, Fnatic’s opponent in the Round of 12 will also be clear in the upcoming days.

G2 Esports and LookingForOrg’s ESL Pro League Season 15 run has come to an end after the Group A games. Both teams failed to impress their fans and show dominance in all five games. LookingForOrg is a team of Australian players looking to sign with an organisation, as it statesin its name but G2 Esports’ failure is a total upset for the fans.

One of this year’s most important esports tournaments, ESL Pro League Season 15 will continue with Group B Games. There are many strong teams in Group B and the competition is surely on another level. Besides, there are two more groups to be completed so the competition will continue for quite some time.