Funspark Ulti 2021 Europe Regional 2


The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting and competitive scene are more active than ever, despite being +8 years old. FunSpark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional Series 2 is the latest event that proves this point clear.


Event Details – Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional Series 2 


The Funspark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional Series 2 will start on May 24 and finish on June 6.

You can watch the broadcast either through “FunSpark_CS:GO” Twitch channel and follow their Twitter account never to lose an update from the event.


This time, 16 teams will start the group stage in four double-elimination (GSL) groups. Each group has four teams, and all matches played are “best-of-three,”. The top two from groups A, B, C, and D advance to the Playoffs.


Group A
HAVU Gaming (Season 1)
Dignitas (Season 1)
SINNERS Esports (Season 1)
touch the crown (Closed Qualifier)


Group B
Lyngby Vikings (Season 1)
CPH Flames (Season 1)
MAD Lions (Season 1)
100PingGods (Closed Qualifier)


Group C
SKADE (Invited)
ENCE (Invited)
K23 (Season 1)
Team Fiend (Closed Qualifier)


Group D
Nemiga Gaming (Season 1)
Entropiq (Season 1)
HYENAS (Invited) 
AVE (Closed Qualifier)


Key Teams to Watch 


There are several not-so-known teams enlisted above that have surprised everyone and we’re very excited to see what they come up with in 2021s FunSpark ULTI.


#1 – HAVU: They were among the top 5 in FunSpark ULTI 2020 and present themselves as the most frightening team for group A. Without BIG to block the road, they probably move to the Playoffs and even win the Europe Regional 2.


#2 – Dignitas: They are the worst thing that could happen to HAVU in the group stage. This team, with its actual roster (f0rest, friberg, hallzerk, HEAP, and Lekr0) also competed in this tournament last year and won against teams like Evil Geniuses. 


#3 – Copenhagen Flames: In group B, there’s a Denmark team that has been killing it on  BLAST Rising 2021 very recently. If they keep up with the same plays and style, they might advance to the Playoffs without struggle.


Key Players to Watch 


Of course, without the MVPs that make part of each team, we wouldn’t get such entertaining matches and epic esports moments. 


Who do we think are the top 5 players competing in FunSpark ULTI 2021 Europe Regional 2, and why?


  • Oskar/Tomás Sťastný (SINNERS): With only five months in the team and 219 maps player, he has proven dominance, especially on Vertigo (628 – 437 KD), enough to consider he will carry the team to places they didn’t reach in the last FunSpark ULTI.
  • Fame/Petr Bolyshev (K23): He and n0rb3r7 made it possible for the team to come back once again from Season 1. With almost a 60% headshot rate and 72% round contribution, the 18 years old Russian could place the not-so-known team in the top.
  • Kjaerbye/Markus Kjaerbye (Hyenas): The rifler used to play with North very recently and helped his team win the DreamHack Open Tours and Open Valencia in 2018, as well as the Open Sevilla 2019. Kjaerbye is considered the best in his current roster.


Besides these, there are two other players in particular that believe, need to prove they’re here to stay and aren’t temporarily placed into their rosters.


  • Daffu/Jakob Schildt (Lyngby Vikings): Although “birdfromsky” has been the all-time protagonist of the Denmark team, Daffu has shown a better performance (117% vs. 110%) in the last 15 matches. Be aware that this is his first month on the roster.


  • Woro2k/Volodymyr Veletniuk (MAD Lions): We could say the Ukrainian is just starting his competitive career being only 19 years old but he showed enough material to prove he can take the team forward along with tudsoN.


Written by Marco Morales