70 user-made games played billion times on Roblox, CEO claims

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According to Roblox CEO David “builderman” Baszucki, 70 user-made games have been played over a billion times on Roblox, with the platform now hosting 58.8 million daily users.

Livetopia, which recently partnered with Mariah Carey on a holiday experience, viral thrillers DOORS and Evade are among the top titles. Per data by Roblox, 5.8 million experiences have been published there, with 15.8 million of them actively visited annually.

Over 8,000 experiences have had more than a million unique user sessions, with hundreds reaching over 100 million individual sessions. New experiences like Evade, launched in 2022, drew millions of users within weeks after release.

At least 20 experiences have seen more than a billion visitors. Brookhaven, Blox Fruits, BedWars, the Tower of Hell and Pet Simulator X! were the five most popular games last year.

The top five highest-earning experiences of 2022 were Adopt Me!, Pet Simulator X!, Blox Fruits, Welcome to Bloxburg and BedWars.

Baszucki explained that Roblox’s goal is to rethink how people interact, enabling richer ways of expression, communication and immersion. The 59-year-old CEO is confident that the investments to broaden Roblox’s appeal across geographies and age groups have bore fruit. He said the community grew by 23 percent last year and had more than 58.8 million daily users worldwide.

Roblox has attracted developers such as tinyBuild, Twin Atlas and Embracer Group, who ported Coffee Stain Studios’ Welcome to Bloxburg to the platform.

Two Roblox builders, Beefchoplets and OsterDog, discussed how their Evade experience involved hosting over a billion plays. They explained that Roblox has become such a big part of their lives and that their work on Evade has helped them figure out who they are as developers.

“The crossing of one billion play sessions for Evade represents a monumental achievement, as well as validation that our creativity, hard work, and passion for the Roblox platform and its users has paid off,” they said.

They also said that the growth of the horror genre on the platform is something for which they are incredibly grateful. They added that the company had provided them with numerous networking possibilities, introduced them to interesting people and united a dedicated fanbase.

Other Roblox features

Baszucki went on to say that one of the year’s highlights for the company was the introduction of layered clothes as a means through which individuals may freely and imaginatively express themselves.

This function allows for the customization of clothing and accessories to fit various avatar sizes. Clothing items such as tops, dresses, sweaters, coats and bottoms are now layered — just like in the real world.

The Canadian-born American said that the new feature gives the community the power to make clothing and accessories that have never been seen before. He also said that more than 115 million people had bought layered clothing since the launch.

Roblox also made social interactions on the site better and more immersive. According to company data, 111.3 million platform chat messages and an average of 2.1 billion in-experience chat messages are exchanged daily.

A special audio chat feature is available for verified users over the age of 13. This function relies on the real-world distance between users’ avatars and is designed to replicate face-to-face interaction. The company said around one million Roblox experiences used voice chat.

Roblox released its contact importer on December 2022, giving players a safe and fast way to find and reconnect with offline friends. The feature includes friends suggestions, allowing users over the age of 13 to quickly and conveniently browse through and add friends from within the app.

The company believes these two additions are critical in maintaining the community’s privacy and security while facilitating communication.