ArchLoot to launch this year, aims to provide ‘user-generated’ NFT gaming experience

ArchLoot, an RPG GameFi 2.0 project slated for an official launch this year aimed to provide a user-generated content experience that puts players with a variety of in-game customization options.

Similar to other Web3 NFT games, ArchLoot exposes its users to earning opportunities and entertainment as the gaming industry slowly yet steadily set forth the play-to-earn genre to appeal to a larger audience.

“We intend to build a gaming ecosystem, including a great game and a creative community, that truly achieves a balance between playability, accessibility, and profitability in a sustainable manner. It will finally be an ideal practice of blending traditional gaming minds with crypto boosting to spearhead GameFi 2.0,” ArchLoot’s in a whitepaper.

ArchLoot provides players with creative options

ArchLoot is a UGC-P2E user-centric video game made available on android, iOS, and Windows. The game offers diverse gameplay features from PVE, PVP, and Clan Wars. The team responsible for the game also claimed their project to be a “creation-friendly community” where players “will be spearheading” the project’s gameplay preferences.

In other words, aside from the ability to collect different rarity of in-game NFTs collectibles, players will be given the chance to assemble their monster by mix-matching of over hundreds of NFTs parts for their monster’s torso, head, upper limb, lower limb, and accessories. In addition to these features, players may stretch, scale, and edit the color scheme of any items anytime they want.

“Monster parts, which are all NFTs, come in five kinds: torso, head, upper limb, lower limb, and accessory. The torso is essential, and the rest are simply attached. You can stretch, scale, and place these parts anywhere on the torso in the evolution interface, and can edit your monsters anytime,” the whitepaper reads.

“Parts of monsters are divided into four levels according to their rarity — common, rare, epic, and legendary — corresponding to 1, 2, 3, and 4 attributes respectively. Some of these parts also have separate special skills.”

Setting forward the idea of players’ freedom, entertaining gameplay, and earning opportunities are the fundamentals that built ArchLoot. The team pushed the current ability of the NFT-gaming industry by claiming the spot as the leading first-interactive NFT video game.

ArchLoot’s development process, roadmap

ArchLoot aimed for great things. The project had recently passed Phase 1 and based on a roadmap provided, the rest of the phases will conclude by Q4 this year. The team also will develop ArchLoot’s community building in Phase 2 as they continued the process from the previous phase.

Beta testing will soon be made available in Phase 2 in Q2 this year alongside a blind box sale. Moreover, Phase 3 will eventually mark the official launch of ArchLoot in Q3 followed by a series of game features enhancement.

Lastly, in Phase 4, the developer team will go extra by launching extra dungeons and events, a new gameplay mode, additional numbers of items, consumables, and competitions.

However, the developer team also has confirmed that the development process alongside its currently available roadmap schedule is “a fluid process” and “subject to change”.