Ax in Minecraft, gun in GTA V — GAIMIN announces five new NFTxgs

GAIMIN has recently announced the release of five NFTxgs, following the launch of its first NFTxg, the “Diamond Sword”, last month. NFTxgs is the world’s first “cross-game, interoperable NFT“, currently available for Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V through the company’s GAIMCRAFT platform.

According to the company, NFTxgs allow gamers to own, purchase and reuse their in-game assets of a specific game to be used cross-game and even cross-device across many titles simultaneously.

GAIMIN’s NFTxg was initially introduced into Minecraft and GTA V, with plans to expand its use to other games in the future, including Facepunch Studios’ online survival game Rust.


GAIMIN CEO Martin Speight said the company seeks to allow transferable in-game assets of one title to the other without having players lose their assets whenever they try new games as long as the game uses GAIMIN’s NFTxg technology.

“GAIMIN’s NFTxg allows a gamer to own their inventory so when they move games, any investment in assets is not lost – as long as a game incorporates GAIMIN’s NFTxg technology, the assets can be used, simultaneously, in those games,” Speight said.

NFTxg aims to set forth a sustainable economic environment where gamers are given the ability to not only fully own such assets but also reuse them in a different game without the fear of them being game-breaking in-game items that should not have existed in the first place. This is made possible as NFTxg is designed to take “the appropriate form, style and functionality” in the other games. This is best exemplified by GAIMIN’s recent five NFTxgs — while they take the form of a fantastical ax in Minecraft, they instead take the form of a stylish gun in GTA V, staying true to the style of the respective games.

In making these NFTxgs available for gamers, the game must be integrated with GAIMIN’s GAIMCRAFT platform. The company has additionally developed a specific plugin for owners of game servers and a software development kit for both Unity and Unreal game developers to add GAIMIN’s blockchain and NFT technology to their games. In doing so, the NFTxg will look and feel appropriate to which game they are being utilized for.

Objectives, future plans

Eventually, NFTxg will also help gamers by providing another stream of passive income paid with GMRX, GAIMIN’s very own cryptocurrency.

“GAIMIN allows a user to monetize their PC-based devices to generate a passive income, paid in GAIMIN’s own crypto currency, GMRX,” said Speight.

“A player generates GMRX rewards and then uses these rewards to purchase GAIMIN’s NFTxg, providing asset ownership from passive monetization. These assets are not lost when a gamer moves games; GAIMIN provides a gamer with a true return on their investment in their gaming experience.”

Speight believes that the company’s NFTxg will play a crucial role in the world of digital assets — turning mere assets into utility NFTs. The CEO also revealed the company’s primary plans for the near future, which are to release more NFTxgs and have more video games to support the technology.

“Although these are utility NFTs, they will ultimately become collectors items as the number of games in which they can be deployed increases and GAIMIN releases more cross-game interoperable NFTxg’s,” said Speight.

“Over the coming weeks and months, GAIMIN will be announcing the integration of GAIMCRAFT (GAIMIN’s gaming technology) into more moddable AAA games and releasing a number of new utility NFTxg’s.”