BinaryX announces development of open-world MMO CyberLand

BinaryX, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, has announced the development of CyberLand, an open-world MMO powered by blockchain technology. It recently released a concept video depicting the game’s landscapes and features.

CyberLand signifies the company’s official departure from play-to-earn models. It will be the platform’s first play-to-own game in the metaverse, giving players control over resource production.

The Web3 game will enable players to create value incrementally by creating their storylines and choosing their future. It also gives them a greater sense of ownership by allowing them to generate their own assets, construct their own houses and farm their materials and products to expand their empires. These assets can also be bought and sold on the open market.

BinaryX global head of business operations and development Chun Sim said CyberLand is their effort to make Web3 games better and more expansive.

Chun said the company hopes CyberLand is just the beginning of many exciting games on the Web3 ecosystem. The team has been hard at work on the game’s beta version so that players can try it out and discover the potential of brand-new free-to-play, pay-to-own games for themselves.

The announcement revitalized the BinaryX cryptocurrency $BNX, giving it some flair to significantly increase ahead after a sharp drop on November 22, 2022. The market took a sharp turn on Tuesday, and the $BNX dropped to a low of $138.94 by Wednesday morning, causing investors to panic. The $BNX is trading at around 171.22 at the time of writing.

CyberLand’s Gameplay

CyberLand currently has four landscapes ⁠— snowfields, plains, deserts, and swamps. Ownership of any land in the game is granted by owning the NFT of that land.

Adventures in the game begin in an ideal open world with abundant natural resources. Within the lands, players will confront violent monsters while gathering resources. These include minerals, wood, gems, stones, food and other items. Most activities in CyberLand require some primary resources.

Players can use blueprints to build various structures by spending resources and materials. After constructing a system, players can begin hiring NPCs such as blacksmiths, traders, auction houses, pharmacists, and so on to boost the country’s infrastructure.

Landowners can form their guilds and empires, recruit new players and start wars against other cities to expand the kingdom and amass vast resources. There also will be special events, with prize pools comprising the vast majority of the money spent by CyberLand players.

CyberLand’s economic system

The game includes an in-game trading marketplace that is entirely off-chain. All in-game resource transactions incur no gas fees. They can also be converted into on-chain assets and marketed on DEXes and CEXes.

The marketplace is also entirely player-driven, meaning players can buy and sell land in the game. They also control setting land and resource prices by selling the products they generate.

CyberLand also simulates the real trading economy in a peer-to-peer marketplace, where market resource demand and supply directly impact market prices.

CyberLand’s primary currency is $BNX. Players can utilize it in the game for various purposes, including purchasing lands or rewarding leaderboard winners.

The team plans to add social-related features in the future. These include intimacy features and friend systems to offer an immersive metaverse experience, allowing players to generate, organize and post monetized content on a shared network.

Cyberland is also working on an on-chain wallet for integrated cryptocurrency transactions within the game.