Blade and Soul gameplay and anime: more than just a game

One of the things that make South Korea the kings of MMORPG development is that they cover the details. And Blade and Soul (BnS) is no exception. This online multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) distributed by the Team Bloodlust division of Korean company NCsoft (developers of Lineage) is a good proposal to play this year 2020.

This Korean game is one of the free best MMORPGs that came out in recent years and it is even returning to most player’s computers. At least as shown during 2019 when the game reached a peak of over 2.5 million players and seems to be promising to sustain such numbers for a while.

Blade and Soul Gameplay Anime

Why is BnS back?

New features have been developed. This including as a new class, which returns the status within the best alternatives for the players of free computer games. Something that was demonstrated in its four-year trajectory.

What makes BnS a good MMO?

Among the virtues that the game has to offer is that it has a martial arts theme that fits perfectly with the fantasy touch. The game feels like living an anime story –Except for the grinding part.

This, accompanied by awesome playability with real-time combat makes it a nice way to spend your summertime.

Talking about real-time combat

One of BnS determining features –At the beginning at least- is that they managed to offer a perfect fighting MMO for free. At the time Blade and Soul was out there was virtually no other game with this quality and the combos & hits for free.

This way, we can’t deny that the incredible artistic design in three dimensions based on the work of Hyung-Tae Kim (creator of designs in Magna Carta) added to the versatility of its characters and ease of gameplay require giving Blade and Soul even a small glance.

Blade and Soul as MMORPG

This online multiplayer role-playing game for computers explores the playability of martial arts of various kinds. This way, even using somewhat strange scenarios such as horse fighting, one of its highlights since beta years ago. The game grew fast.

In itself, Blade and Soul is a good choice within the MMORPG universe, starting with the fact that it’s a free title for both client download and account use.

And, although like other MMORPG titles there are microtransactions. However, not making any kind of payment won’t ruin your gameplay experience. Besides, the game allows you to enjoy all kinds of martial arts. Which attracted a lot of MMA fans and also invited some MMO fans to martial arts.

Within the Blade and Soul gameplay, you are offered different ways to play as arenas against other players (PvP). Either in groups in individual fights or teams of three members.

You also have PvE content (player against the machine) with secondary missions to the main plot. There, you can modify the difficulty level of the dungeons where you must go. Besides, these allow the professionalization of your character in crafts and collection of items.

Character creation in Blade and Soul

One of the main strengths of this game is its versatility in creating playable characters. BnS lets you modify from body shape and height to hairstyles and facial features.

On the other hand, in basic order, you have four main races to play. All which were inspired by the four animals of Chinese culture: Jin, Yun, Lyn, and Gon. Besides, here you can choose the sex regardless of the ethnicity of your PJ.

Furthermore, once you select the race of your character you have to choose between the various classes. It is worth mentioning that each has a fighting style and weapon of choice. Besides, a real advantage is that when you create your character, on the left side you will find a summary of their statistics. Here you can check the character’s attack, area damage, speed among others.

Besides, the game also allows you to see a classification of difficulty in the handling of the PJ. A feature that allows you to discern from the beginning which combinations of race and class are best suited to your manual skills.

Blade and Soul Anime

Blade and Soul’s Anime

The popularity and expectation of Blade and Soul during its first years allowed an anime to be published from April to June 2014. The project was in the hands of the recognized study of animation Gonzo. You know, the ones who made Hellsing in the early 2000s.

Which also worked as an invitation to make you join the experience of this MMORPG.

The Blade and Soul anime captures on the screen the story of the young Alka. She is a killer swordswoman who goes on a journey to avenge her master who was killed. We know the plot lasts only thirteen episodes. But this is mainly due to the little positive impact that the script had. To be honest, many viewers expressed that the anime lacked what they liked from the game.

However, thanks to the short duration of the anime, it can be recommended. In our opinion, while it is not the best anime ever, it has a somewhat entertaining story and is full of martial arts.