Blockchain, gaming Polygon Studios announces partnership with Poriverse

 Polygon Studios Announces Official Strategic Partnership -

Leading blockchain ecosystem and gaming Polygon Studios has sealed a partnership with Poriverse for the first P2E NFT game where players will be allowed to lend and trade NFTs which features low entry cost for users.

The partnership between the two parties is expected to open a new chapter for the NFT gaming industry where high investment in projects is on the rise has proven difficulties in attracting more and new “budget” players into the scene.

Poriverse has a solution for this issue by providing new players with low-budget access to the NFT gaming scenes through a fair and secure NFT renting mechanism, and lower entry cost.

Visionary partnership

The partnership could be an open portal for a new environtment, namely an in-game transaction ecosystem where players are allowed to rent, lend NFTs and earn money. A mechanism where Poriverse is aiming for.

The transaction ecosystem features budget-friendly entry costs of at least $360 for beginners, experienced NFT users, or holders looking to diversify their portfolios. While using the service, users will be required to pay rental charges, but all earnings made from the service are eventually owned by the owners.

Poriverse is set to expand this feature further to crypto games through a venture with Polygon and the studio’s NFT as well as gaming arm.

Game’s ecosystem

More about the ecosystem, Poriverse is set to offer a metaverse game, with various worlds set to be created, designed, owned, and traded among users (players, developers as well as game investors) for wider earning opportunities.

“Our goal is to create a game that brings lasting benefits, both financial and entertainment. Once players enter Poriverse, they will experience a 3D highly-interactive world with simple yet fun gameplay. Pori A straightforward principle Made with: Community is the winner,” Poriverse CEO Do Hoang Minh Quan said.

“All the designed mechanics in our game are for each user with more fairness, for better earning and winning. The game has even more unique mechanics and designs that aim to help users get more and more money. Empowering you to make more earning possible. Stay with us Catch your winnings.”

Polygon also expressed the company’s excitement about the partnership and praised Poriverse’s effort in creating opportunities for beginners in the P2E genre.

“We appreciate Poriverse’s effort to expand the opportunities for new players to join and earn money in NFT games, as well as their efforts to create not only a monetizing game but also an entertaining game,” Polygon Studios Partner Success Lead Sure Shivangi Pandey added.

With Poriverse’s innovative and passionate team in blockchain and gaming, we look forward to bringing the NFT game forward.”

The partnership between the two with a heavy emphasis on low-cost, budget, and beginner-friendly games could be a breath of fresh air in midst of NFT P2E games requiring players for higher investment costs, making it more difficult for new “budget” players to join in.

In addition, Poriverse’s low budget-centered approach would also mean sustainability for the game and create more value for the community through its inclusive transaction mechanism.