Bored Ape flaunts $450M NFT metaverse funding with poop game

An image from a tweet by BoredApeYC, tags: bored ape - @BoredApeYC (twitter)

Bored Ape Yacht Club has shared new details about its upcoming blockchain game, Dookey Dash, which is set to launch on January 18. The game requires players to navigate a sewage network in search of a treasure box key that a monkey has pooped out of his a** somewhere.

Part of BAYC’s $450 million metaverse strategy, Dookey Dash is an action-packed “runner-style” game where players race through increasingly challenging stages while collecting and exchanging adorable digital apes known as Dookeys.

Players must use quick reactions and strategic thinking to guide their Apes to the key while avoiding obstacles, similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfer. The Bored Ape NFTs, in which cartoon apes adorn bizarre outfits and embark on offbeat excursions, inspired the game’s visual style.

Dookey’s backstory

The game’s lore is revealed in the video “Trial Of Jimmy The Monkey.” It revolves around Jimmy the Monkey, who accidentally rips “an atomic shit” at a yacht club party, causing the spacetime continuum to open. A shadowy ape figure named Curtis appears from this opening, holding a treasure box and a key.

Jimmy gets into a fight and accidentally swallows the key. He tries to relieve himself in the bathroom, but to no avail. The video concludes with a mystical key lodged in Jimmy’s butthole.

Some Bored Apes then attempt to recover the key stuck in Jimmy. To accomplish this, they enter the BAYC sewers in scuba suits to find their way to the restroom.

Players will require a “Sewer Pass” NFT to play, which can only be owned by people who have either a BAYC NFT or the Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT or by acquiring one from someone who has it.

Players must avoid hazards, gather “fragments” and stay alive throughout the game to score. The game will contain a “skill-based mint” scoreboard that keeps account of players’ best results to determine who the best players are, suggesting that the top players will receive incredible rewards, most likely additional NFTs.

There will be no further Dookey Dash or Sewer Pass claims after February 8. Yuga posted on Twitter that players must “play at least once and score more than 0 to validate a Sewer Pass.” Players can play as many times as they wish throughout the window.

Valid Sewer Passes will be able to morph into what Gary the Dog Prophet calls a “power source” on February 15 after the skill-based minting experience is complete.

Otherside Metaverse

In addition to Dookey Dash, BAYC has previously revealed another metaverse Ape game, Otherside Metaverse. The game also has Ape NFTs, but it is more of a simulation with multiple game types and virtual landscapes to explore.

Yuga Labs published a trailer for the Otherside metaverse in March 2022. During the “First Trip” in July, players were able to explore the Bored Ape Universe. The “Second Trip” is scheduled for March this year.

According to the developer team, the Otherside metaverse project is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) designed to link the NFT multiverse.

Some Otherdeeds, or virtual land plots in the Otherside metaverse, have similar characteristics to Dookey Dash, such as chemical goo, biogenic marsh and others.

Wylie “Gordon Goner,” a co-founder of BAYC, explained that their goal is to create “an interoperable universe” that is “gamified” and “totally decentralized.”

According to Yuga Labs CEO Nicole Muniz, the company is working with “a few different game studios” to bring Otherside to reality.

In addition to releasing the game to a broader audience, the developers of Bored Ape also intend to launch tools for other NFT projects to integrate with their virtual universe.

Greg “Gargamel” Solano, a co-founder of Yuga Labs, said that people wouldn’t bond if they spent time together in a shared virtual space where nothing was happening. Instead, people connect when put in situations where they have to work together.