Calvaria offers $100k giveaway as part of pre-sale advertising campaign

Calvaria, a new play-to-earn crypto game, is offering three lucky winners a share of a $100,000 prize pool paid out in the ecosystem’s native token $RIA as part of its pre-sale advertising campaign.

There are a total of ten methods to enter the competition, with traders capable of submitting 155 complete entries if all duties are completed. Duties also require people to follow Calvaria on Twitter, join Discord alongside Telegram and spread the word about the mission.

The grand prize is $70,000 in $RIA tokens, the second prize is $20,000 in $RIA tokens, and the third prize is $10,000 in $RIA tokens. The winner must have at least $100 in $RIA tokens on the day of the draw to be eligible for the prize.

However, the Calvaria presale is still in its early stages, with nearly $200,000 raised thus far. At the time of writing, $100 of funding will yield 10,000 $RIA tokens, but after ten levels, the token’s value will steadily increase.

What is Calvaria?

Calvaria is a one-of-a-kind mission that is not only developing a P2E blockchain-based recreation but also establishing a free-to-play model to lure typical gamers into the world of cryptocurrency.

While most crypto video games put some people off by necessitating the purchase of costly NFTs and knowledge of blockchain expertise in order to play, Calvaria hopes to attract players in a different way.

In the free-to-play version of their main game, Duels of Eternity, a lifetime tracker is available to show players how much they might have earned if they had been taking part in the free-to-earn model.

There are also gamification instructional modes that can reward players while teaching them about the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets.

Duels of Eternity

As mentioned before, “Duels of Eternity” is the game’s main sport. It is “a card battle game that is inspired by Mexican mythology, including 3D rendering and a significant story mode.

Duels of Eternity will not only feature participant vs. participant battles, but also a single-player marketing campaign.

Set in the afterlife, it pits three distinct factions against one another in a battle for supremacy, each with its own set of goals, ambitions, and characteristics.

Gamers join a faction and then manage their armies on the battlefield, outmaneuvering their opponents with skill, teamwork, and the ability to win.

As players build their decks and earn rewards, the unanswered questions of the afterlife will most likely be revealed.

Data will almost certainly be important, as will the skills and synergy of allied models. To win the day, players must assemble the correct combination of playing cards, play them in the correct order, and use the models’ talents and the correct moments, using positions, power-ups and distinguishing traits.

Players will fully own their playing cards, assets, and belongings in the P2E model, and they will be able to gather a new set of playing cards to use a particular strategy of their choice. Resources can be bought and sold both in-game and on the open market outside of the game.

Successfully completing the single-player mode will award players with unique playing cards or power-ups, which can then be used in the player vs. player mode. The eRIA token is awarded to the winners of these matches, which are fought in a best-of-three format.