Catheon Gaming launches Catheon Storefront NFT Market

The world’s fastest-growing integrated blockchain entertainment company Catheon Gaming has announced its NFT marketplace for blockchain gamers, Catheon Storefront.

Catheon founder and co-CEO William Wu said that its NFT marketplace would be part of the broader Catheon Ecosystem initiative and replace its original token, CHICKS, with CATHEON. It will be the first token on the Solana and Polygon networks and is expected to be the most developed ecosystem token in terms of utility.

Catheon Storefront will be a part of the upcoming Catheon Gaming Center and allow users to find, buy and sell NFTs for the games in a single location. Catheon Gaming strives to make blockchain gaming accessible for all players.

“We are very excited to be launching the NFT storefront as part of our broader Catheon Ecosystem initiative. The Storefront will form an essential section of the Catheon Gaming Center, which aims to reduce the friction for gamers to interact with the blockchain across our portfolio and partner games,” Wu said.

“We see this as an essential step to drive the broader adoption of blockchain gaming and are excited for gamers to see the benefits that the blockchain will bring.”

Catheon Storefront’s features

Catheon Storefront has several features to help players with their NFT accessibilities, with assets, including those listed on a secondary market, that can be purchased through the marketplace.

NFTs available on the marketplace will include various blockchain games on Catheon’s catalog and those from other developers and publishers. All available NFTs provide a real in-game utility that can be used in their respective game titles.

Meanwhile, Catheon’s catalog itself consists of various games from eight different genres and is constantly expanding with the addition of new titles. Some of these games are SolChicks, Aotuverse and Prajna Gate, some of the most highly anticipated games.

In Catheon Storefront, users can pay for all their direct purchases with a credit card. The marketplace is multichain and compatible with Solana and Ethereum Virtual Machine. Once it goes live, players will use the CATHEON token for purchases.

Launching GameFi Accelerator Program

Earlier in October, Catheon Gaming also launched its GameFi Accelerator Program to support global blockchain gaming and metaverse developers and project with the most potential.

“We are thrilled to support the growth of the next generation of blockchain games and metaverse projects and look forward to helping each project grow to its full potential,” Wu said.

“The startups that will be chosen to participate in the program will be hand-picked by our in-house blockchain gaming team and have the opportunity to join us in developing a cross-chain gaming ecosystem.”

The program allows Catheon to leverage the company’s expertise and support from various venture capital, gaming, blockchain, crypto exchanges and business partners. Some founding partners are Abu Dhabi Gaming, Algorand, Ava Labs, BitKeep, Chainlink, Cointelegraph, DIFC FinTech Hive, Phemex, and more.

The first GameFi Accelerator Program is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023 and will run for about eight weeks in a group of 10 participants. The goal of the program is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of a blockchain project.

The program will conclude with a Demo Day. Following the program, participants will continue to receive strategic advice and retain access to the company’s ecosystem of partners.