CC Global to hold 2022 China Metaverse Week on May 20-21

It has been announced that the 2022 China Metaverse Week will be held from May 20-May 21 in Shanghai. The vent is aimed to connect metaverse practitioners and enthusiasts.

Initiated by the platform metaverse information aggregation CC Global, the 2022 China Metaverse Week invites developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and specialists from the metaverse, brand, gaming, and social sectors. The agenda for this two-day event are avatars, NFTs, 3D, VFX, VR, AR, and Web3, among others. The conference, including a wide range of topics, is aimed at persons of all levels of expertise in the industry.

CC Global has previously held the Asia Pacific Metaverse New Era Summit, claimed to be the most professional and research-oriented industry summit in the Metaverse industry, and recorded the largest number of participants compared to other events in the same category.

In addition to lectures by expert speakers, there will also be an awards ceremony, the MetaUp Prizes Ceremony. Including in the awards are the Avatars New Talent Award and the Most Valuable NFT Platform Award.


The schedule for China Metaverse Week 2022 is as follows:

May 20, 2022

1. Main Forum: Marketing revolution under the awakening of Metaverse

2. Sub-Forum I: Avatars – The Messenger Connecting the Metaverse and Reality

3. Sub-Forum II: NFT – New Code for Pioneering Brand Marketing

4. Sub-Forum III: Game interaction and immersive design

May 21, 2022

1. Main Forum: Metaverse, the New Era of Web3

2. Sub-Forum I: GameFi Metaverse

3. Sub-Forum II: Mixed Reality & Virtual World

Core Topics:

1. Visit the metaverse innovation showcase

2. MetaUp Awards Ceremony

5. Business social negotiation

6. Visit the metaverse innovation showcase

7. Metaverse Roadshow

8. Business social negotiation

MetaUp Awards Ceremony

The MetaUp Awards Ceremony will be held on the theme Let Metaverse Marketing Empower Growth. It is expected to award professionals for deeply exploring the value of innovative Metaverse marketing and inspiring brands to advertise in the metaverse as well as for promoting innovations.

The categories of the awards are as follows:

1. 10 Top Metaverse Marketing Industry Case Awards

2. 10 Top GameFi Awards

3. 10 Top NFT Platform Award

4. 2022 Metaverse Marketing Innovation Award

5. 2022 Most Valuable Innovation Award

6. Most Popular GameFi Metaverse Award

7. Avatars New Talent Award

8. Most Valuable NFT Platform Award

9. Outstanding Metaverse Marketing Solution Award

10. Metaverse Marketing Influential Brand Award

China’s love-hate relationship with crypto, NFTs

China’s relationship with NFTs and cryptocurrencies has been through many ups and downs. The Xi Jinping-led state has gone from allowing to banning to allowing them again for uncountable times.

Previously in September 2021, the CCP announced the banning of crypto. The reason, they announced, was to “curtail financial crime and prevent economic instability” and banned all crypto trades.

However, the world’s largest communist stronghold finally launched its own blockchain tech, the BSN-DDC, signaling China’s new welcome for cryptocurrencies in the country, on the provision only their systems are in use and adopted.

That being said, it has been reported that the Chinese social media platform WeChat had begun banning accounts for promoting NFTs. Confirming the report, the platform said that it had “recently standardized and rectified public accounts and small programs for speculation and secondary sales of digital collections”.