Digital Arms teams up with Farcana to connect battle royale metaverses

SAustralia-based Digital Arms, a platform and an NFT marketplace for digital firearms and accessories, has recently announced its partnership with UAE-based F2P/P2E project Farcana.

The vast and dynamic market created by Digital Arms gives users accessibility to explore, buy and exchange digital guns and accessories, making it a suitable platform to serve Farcana, a blockchain-based gaming project that plans to connect Web2 gaming quality with Web3 economy and technologies and conduct daily, weekly and yearly battle royal tournaments, in which the player can win prizes in Bitcoin (BTC).

Farcana and Digital Arms Team Up

In Farcana, the hours one plays would translate into BTC. This is possible due to Farcana’s Play-To-Hash system, which ties BTC mining equipment to its games prize pool. About 20 percent of the mined BTC daily goes toward the prize pool for the daily tournament, 50 percent is allocated to its monthly tournament prize pool, and the rest is allocated toward the annual tournament prize pool.

One of Farcana’s games, which Digital Arms will serve, is set on a terraformed Mars, where the four factions of mankind fight for dominance in a battle royale style for the most powerful resource in the galaxy — Infilium.

The game is presently still in development. In the meantime, however, Farcana has introduced a mini-game with an F2E/P2E system that would be implemented on the finished battle royale game. Players can start earning simply by playing the mini-game, which also features daily, monthly and yearly tournaments. The Bitcoin pool is replenished by Farcana weekly.

According to Digital Arms, the collaboration aims to connect the two NFT ecosystems, in essence integrating them into one major ecosystem, with the first proof of concept being the Barrett M82A1 for now. This is the first of such integration, with Farcana making its guns available on Digital Arm’s marketplace and giving special in-game rewards to players that purchased the firearms in Digital Arms’s marketplace.

Chris Watkins, CEO of Digital Arms, said, “We’re excited to be partnering with Farcana to grow the Digital Arms network,” adding that “the gun niche is definitely underexplored in NFTs,” and they are “banking on both collectors and shooter players to make use of the NFTs”.

The Digital Arms ecosystem plans to grow to offer more utility for NFTs and developers that want to use them. One of the critical aspects is its SDK, which is designed to create a single template for “interoperable guns” across many NFT shooters.

Ilman Shazhaev, CEO and Founder of Farcana, commented, “The NFT market still mostly lacks utility, and we are pleased to partner with Digital Arms to change the game, both literally and figuratively.”

“We are focused on creating the most immersive experience and providing gamers with a variety of equipment and well-known weapons. I believe, it will be a great challenge for Farcana players to test Earth’s guns in the battle royale on the surface of Mars.”

Watkins continued that with the growing interoperability of Digital Arms and the gameplay of Farcana, collaboration is only natural for both ecosystems to grow together, with Digital Arms filling the NFT needs for Farcana players while Farcana provides Digital Arms its players.