Emergent Games launches Web3 MMORPG Resurgence on ImmutableX

The metaverse and blockchain games studio Emergent Games has launched its Web3 multiplayer online role-playing game, Resurgence, on the open-source platform ImmutableX.

The studio selected ImmutableX, a layer 2 Ethereum scaling protocol, because of its infinite scalability and low gas fees. The platform also uses the Ethereum network’s advanced security protocols and decentralization functions to ease the process of massive transactions.

Ian Hambleton, CEO of Emergent Games, explained that the team had evaluated various options for their blockchain partner, but ImmutableX emerged as the clear front-runner.

He said that everything a professional Web3 games developer could want is available on the platform, and the studio benefits significantly from its focus on video games.

The platform has a business model that supports the company’s vision of providing Game First AAA games with zero barriers to entry and innovative technology. The studio expects ImmutableX to rule Web3 gaming, Hambleton added.

Andrew Sorokovsky, vice president of global business development at ImmutableeX, is adamant that Emergent is perfectly positioned to usher in a new era of quality in Web3 gaming thanks to the company’s extensive experiences in developing and publishing AAA games.

Sorokovsky said they are excited to “welcome Resurgence to the IMX ecosystem” to provide “a compelling and uncompromised user experience.”

Resurgence’s setting

Resurgence will join other popular blockchain games on the platform, like Gods Unchained, Illuvium, Guild of Guardians and Undead Blocks.

The game has rich lore designed by a team of talented science fiction writers based on fundamental scientific principles.

The story revolves around the tech tycoon Dominic Vanderbrul’s successful plan to bring back thousands of people from engineered cryosleep and start a new human civilization.

Players will be the Survivors who emerge from their cryogenic hibernation hundreds of years after a catastrophic ecological disaster on Earth to find a liveable replacement planet. These Survivors must learn to adapt to a drastically different world to create a new utopia.

They learn to build communities, kingdoms and commonwealths using the knowledge of survival, crafting, collaboration, trade, weaponry and technology.

Survivors must safeguard vital supplies from any potential raiding groups, predators or other dangers that may emerge. There is also a struggle for leadership among the Survivors as they learn to settle down.

Survivors can use in-game items and the world’s infrastructure to train and arm themselves, engage in commerce and secure their holdings from hostile raiders and other dangerous adversaries.

Resurgence’s mechanics

Players will fully own in-game assets, such as the Gen 0 Cryotag NFTs in Resurgence. These Genesis 0s, the first batch of Cryotags, were made available to the public in August 2022.

Cryotags are crucial to the plot and serve as credentials for admission to Resurgence’s most elite social groups. It will also tie into Resurgence’s story and lore while providing significant in-game benefits and external rewards.

Some of the hidden features and functionality of a Cryotag will become apparent early on in the game, while others will be revealed later in the story. Players can connect with other players in the community to discuss these features via Twitter and Discord.

The official website mentions the team wants a first-rate gaming experience with AAA-level polish as the game’s top priority. Players will have agency over their interactions with blockchain components.

Emergent explained that the time had come for Web3 gaming. Since more than 2.7 billion people enjoy playing video games, the company plans to focus on developing traditional games using new technologies.