Gaminite: Bringing Gamers And Developers Together

We connected with Matthew Quek, Co-Founder of Gaminite. We discussed what makes the platform different and the platform’s focus on developers in the space. Gaminite is for game developers, players, publishers, investors, and job seekers. The platform allows users to follow games from a growing Indie database, follow their favorite creators, and also find their next Indie job.

Gaminite: Matthew Quek
image credit: Gaminite

JustGamers: What is Gaminite, and how does it impact gamers?

Matthew: Gaminite is an online platform for developers to showcase their games and for gamers to discover new games! We allow gamers to find more games to try out and follow developers’ progress during the development phase.

Our plan for Gaminite is to make it an all-inclusive platform where gamers can connect with developers and stay up to date with the latest game updates.

JustGamers: What makes this different from other gaming and social platforms?

Matthew: There are few social gaming platforms active, and they are highly fragmented. Currently, developers use sites like Reddit, private Facebook groups, and forums to update their followers.

We aim to provide better exposure for indie games. This would give gamers a one-stop platform to discover new indie games and keep updated with their latest updates.

JustGamers: Gaminite focuses on developers as well. Why was this important for the platform?

Matthew: I come from a game development background, and I know just how much indie developers hate doing their marketing and promotion. It just takes away too much time from the development process.

With Gaminite, we’re hoping to ease this burden from developers by providing them with a central platform to showcase their games and updates! In the future, we hope to provide developers with better tools to showcase and update their audiences. We also hope to offer more tools that aid in their development process down the road.