Hood: Outlaws and Legends Review

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is a dark twist on the Howard Pyle story of Robin Hood and his merry men, which launched on most major platforms on May 7th. 

Steal From the Rich, And Each Other

The PvPvE title pits a team of thieves against another gang of thieves attempting to steal the most treasure possible from the state. The tactical team-based action game lets you choose to play as one of the legendary characters tasked with getting past the powerful military force guarding the goods. Will you be able to sneak in and out, loot in hand, unnoticed? Or will you be brandishing your weapons at every sight of a no-good guard to take what’s rightfully those of the less fortunate?

Hood: Outlaws & Legends
credit: IGN.com

Who Are The Merry Bunch?

Your character will play as one of four classes, the Ranger, the Hunter, the Brawler or the Mystic. The Ranger keeps his distance while fighting foes with his longbow, which can be charged for more distance and power. They also possess the ability to tag targets for a prolonged duration and blind targets for a short period using a volatile gunpowder gourd. The Hunter uses a crossbow that can fire a single or multi-shot that’s more effective from mid to close range. She’s able to assassinate guards while in stealth, become nearly invisible to both players and guards and deploy a cloud of smoke to obscure visibility and prevent players from being tagged by enemy Rangers.

The Brawler wields a sledgehammer that deals powerful close-range hits. He also can raise the portcullis gate (which provides an opening for teammates during lockdown). His temporary Wrath ability channels his inner beast, which boosts his offensive and defensive capabilities. This character also has perks that increase his objective speed capabilities, like carrying the loot and winching faster.

He also contains a powerful explosive that he can use with a delayed fuse for massive close-range damage. Lastly, the Mystic’s arsenal of choice is a flail that can attack from a short distance and stun foes as well. He also regenerates stamina faster and can heal teammates in close vicinity. Somewhat similarly to the Ranger, Mystic’s can also target enemies. The perks of the Mystic include the choice of being able to leech the life from enemies or have a stronger attack when at full health. He can also use poison to damage enemies in addition to messing with their eyesight.

Is It Worth It?

At $30, Sumo Digital’s team-based title leaves something to be desired. The lack of weapon options and attack methods can make for some clunky, button-mashing brawls at times. But aside from that, so long as you have competent teammates (or at least those trying to work together and have a mic), pulling off a planned heist or improvising a last-minute maneuver to win the game is still very much enjoyable.

It definitely won’t be up everybody’s alley, but for a fun evening with some friends, it’s an excellent alternative to the ever-dominating battle royale genre. For more news on games about robbing the rich and gaming articles, check out Just Gamers and their gaming articles.

Written by Trevor Forrest