Introducing Crypto Arcade: Arcade gaming with NFT, blockchain ecosystem

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Introducing Crypto Arcade, “a play to earn universe that brings back to life the most famous arcade and mobile games. A prize pool is associated with each game and players are rewarded according to their ranking every week. A collection of 10,000 unique NFTs are created per game”.

“Crypto Arcade is a way to have fun, compete, and earn XTZ !” the game writes on their website. “Our team’s goal is to bring vintage arcade games back to the foreground. We are starting this journey with a remastered version of the iconic game, Flappy Bird!”

Each bird in the game, known as Flappys, is a non-fungible token (NFT), which means they are indivisible and unique. Every Flappy cannot be replicated, stolen, or destroyed and is fully owned by its player. NFTs are digital tokens that are given distinct features. They can come in the shape of video clips, a piece of digital art, and a piece of music, among others. With NFTs, the originator, current ownership, and sales history can all be validated in the blockchain.

How does the game work

Crypto Arcade uses the Tezos blockchain for its play-to-earn arcade game platform. Their ultimate goal is the resurrection of classic arcade games, which they have started with the popular Flappy Bird game, which recorded over 50 million downloads prior to its shut down. The platform promises to come with a collection of over 10,000 unique and playable NFTs.

The owners of the platform’s NFTs are entitled to at least 100 free games every week. They can then participate in matches to win prizes. Each NFT holder is also considered a stakeholder to the game’s income. They are entitled to 50 percent of the profits.

“You have two ways to play at Crypto Arcade and have the chance to earn huge amount of Tezos each week :

– Just as you would insert a coin to play at an old arcade machine, you can buy credits and start playing

– You can mint or purchase on the second market your Flappy to get up to 1000 free games per week!

“Each week, 500 players will be winners with a high jackpot for the best of you !” the platform writes on their website.

The players who cannot mint in time will also still be able to play the game for 0.025 XTZ per game. They are then considered as participating in the total game ranking and have a chance to win the prize.

“Every week we close the ranking and the associated prize pool,” Crypto Arcade says. “The score of each player is associated to his wallet and thus to a public address. The reward linked to the ranking of each player is therefore immediately transferred.

“The first 500 players will receive their money immediately after the ranking is stopped.”

According to Crypto Arcade, the platform is unlike other NFT projects. Where on other platforms players must commit themselves for weeks to gain the coveted whitelist status, “at Crypto Arcade only your skills in the game count”.

“Therefore, from the very first day we open the game to all visitors of the site for free. This free access has a double advantage: the 1500 highest ranked players will automatically reach the whitelist and the community can train on our game in order to reach high scores to prepare for when the play-to-earn-contest is opened (the minute after the Falppys are revealed, 3 days after the sale).”