The Importance of Lighting for Streams

The Impact of Lighting on Live Video

It is crucial for a streamer to prioritize good lighting for streams. Not only does it increase the quality of the stream, it also adds effect and makes it more interesting. No one likes a dull environment, and the right lighting can make a live video appear more appealing. To add a particular effect you can add various light colors.

This is very useful in setting a certain mood and can be what brings people back to watch your streams. From adding a desired effect to making you appear more presentable, Lighting is worth investing in.

Lighting for Streams
image credit: Streamer Builds

How to Determine the Right Lighting

Whether it is for making a casual live video or streaming while gaming online, the right lighting is important. When picking the best lighting for streams, there are three options. These options are based on how dark the room is and how much of an effect you want to create.

  • Desktop Lighting: This is simply done by creating basic lighting through a webcam or camera light. A ring light or another light source can also be placed on the desk to brighten your face and background. This can be done for streamers who are looking for a basic light source for a room without external lighting.
  • Natural Outdoor Lighting: This involves the use of natural lighting sources. For a room with large windows, you want to arrange your setup to make sure your scene is always illuminated.
    Sadly, this option is dependent on stable weather conditions. It also limits you to only making videos in the day.
  • Softbox Lighting: This is the use of LED bulbs in an effective way to light up a closed room. This is the most expensive option but also the best.
    You need a primary light source and other secondary sources to ensure every angle is lightened properly.

The Right Lighting for Your Budget

Ranging from a high to low budget, there are different options to provide lighting for streams:

  • $100 and below: A great under $50 option is the Fancierstudio’s three-point lighting kit. It comes with CFL bulbs, stands and translucent umbrellas for diffusing the light.
    For around $50 you can also get the Limostudio’s continuous lighting kit. It includes three lights, CFL bulbs, stands, umbrellas and a few additional equipment.
    With a budget within the range of $100, a lighting kit from StudioPro will be perfect. This can be used for advanced softbox lighting with the option for a two-point setup.
  • $100+: Here are a few high-end options with the advantage of more durability and features.
    StudioFX’s kit is a great choice for a three-point softbox setup. It includes a carrying bag, three lights with adjustable stands and fluorescent daylight bulbs for roughly $125.
    For around $369, you can get a kit from Stellar, which features an 18” ring light with two softboxes.
    Our final option is the RGB video lights kit from GVM. This kit comes with three LED panels, a remote control, and adjustable color temperature.

Written by Echoga Emmanuel