MetaOneVerse to launch NFT, metaverse token on March 21



Full-stack ecosystem MetaOneverse announced today in a press release made public on Globe Newswire that they would soon launch their HyperDeflationary token as early as March 21. The Meta One Universe project itself was first announced on Christmas eve on December 24 last year.

They also announced a limited BSC Reward token presale in the same month. The tokens were equipped with all metaverse utilities. The presale itself went live earlier this year on January 5. There were 1000x tokens with 6% BUSD rewards to holders.

“This project has a new idea for all people associated with crypto, bringing virtual NFT, assets & Gaming together to create an ever-rewarding token along with virtual asset development which will eventually develop its own Blockchain & Metaverse,” they wrote in the press release.

Later on March second, they announced that they had done an audit and had made their KYC. They also invited limited whitelist entries with an airdrop session worth 33,333 tokens for 30 lucky users. Their Initial Coin Offering is expected to be held on the Pink Sale. Their tokens, referred to as the $M1Verse tokens, are pegged to USD ($BUSD), which in itself is pegged 1-1 to the US dollar.

About MetaOneVerse

The MetaOneVerse project is a full-stack ecosystem that issues a HyperDeflationary token. Their tokens are compatible with modules such as Metaverse development, staking, NFT marketplace, play-to-earn games, and blockchain.

The company has promised that investors can be entitled to receive BSC-pegged tokens if they stake their M1Verse tokens with APY. Supporting the MetaOneVerse project are big investors UpsilonInvestment, Earnodot, and Capitoinvesta.

“This project provides a rewarding token to benefit holders with BUSD dividends for holding their token with amazing staking APY,” the press release continued. “They also have advanced dex coming with many features where investors can earn any bsc-pegged tokens by staking their M1Verse tokens.”

The MetaOneVerse token $M1Verse allows Metaverse inhabitants to full online multiplayer gaming environments, complete with fully integrated NFT and crypto-rewards. MetaOneVerse said they also would develop their very own blockchain, which is expected to be able to facilitate all of the MetaOneVerse related transactions, NFT, marketplace, tokens trading, and the Metaverse. it said, “it will be an energy efficient, fastest and scalable blockchain in the industry”.

“MetaOneVerse Token works on an autonomous, frictionless, yield farming and liquidity generation protocol,” the release added. “MetaOneVerse Token aims to Bridge MetaVerse Development with NFT Marketplace, P2P games, MetaOne-Verse & Blockchain.

This token will be launched by 21 March 2022 on Pink sale and will be subsequently listed on: CMC, PancakeSwap, PooCoin, and CoinGecko. Their smart contract has successfully passed an audit.”

Additionally, the company also promised in their press release that the MetaOneVerse project “will further develop its own Web3 which will enable users to trade on a decentralized online ecosystem based on the blockchain. Platforms and apps built on Web3 won’t be owned by MetaOneVerse, but rather by users, who will earn their ownership stake by helping to develop and maintain those services.”