MetaStudio, Centurion partner to build metaverse for content creators

MetaStudio and Centurion Invest have announced a partnership to develop a gaming ecosystem to revolutionize how games are enjoyed.

Centurion, a cryptocurrency exchange, hopes the partnership will promote global mass adoption. Meanwhile, for MetaStudio, the collaboration is part of its vision to build a platform where creators can create, own and sell their work in a decentralized and exciting environment.

As a result of the partnership, the Centurion Invest token, $CIX, is now available on the MetaStudio platform, a DAO metaverse for content creators.

With a total supply of 2.4 billion tokens, the ERC-20 $CIX has a market cap of $31,680m, distributed using the IEO Issuing Mode mechanisms.

MetaStudio CEO Adrian Niculescu is adamant that the partnership will allow creators to monetize their content while benefiting the partners of his company.

“We will ensure that our community of users can make the most of their content work with higher earnings, complete decentralized autonomy, flexibility, and fun,” Niculescu said.

MetaStudio’s Founders

The collaboration with Centurion is not MetaStudio’s first step toward creating the best environment for content creators. Earlier this month, the platform released Founders, its first NFT collection, containing 1000 NFTs. MetaStudio explained that the NFTs would give users tangible benefits and utility in its upcoming metaverse platform and some extra surprises.

Founders holders will have a unique opportunity to promote the user name as early investors and supporters of the first decentralized platform for content creators.

Each NFT in this collection brings incredible benefits, including the full recovery of the purchase price in $METAS tokens at the listing value and the chance to generate revenue on the secondary market significantly above the current minting price.

MetaStudio divides the early supporter collection into three categories. Silver categories have 900 NFTs ranging from #0101 to #1000. MetaStudio Metaverse users must trade at least 100,000 $METAS on the platform to get to this level.

The second level is Gold, which includes 90 NFTs ranging from #0011 to #0100. Gold-level users will receive 20,000 $METAS worth and $1,000 at listing value.

Users must trade at least 1,000,000 $METAS on the platform to obtain the Gold badge. They can participate in ten hours of special training and workshops to increase their income as metaverse content creators.

The third category is Platinum, which has ten NFTs ranging from #0001 to #0010. Users will recoup their initial NFT investment in the content creators’ token. Platinum users will receive 200,000 $METAS and $10,000 at listing value.

To obtain the Platinum badge, users must trade at least 1,000,000 $METAS on the platform. They will receive ten hours of special training and workshops and a one-on-one meeting with MetaStudio founders to help them increase their income in the metaverse.

Platinum users will also receive one VIP ticket to Crypto Expo Europe in March 2023, full access to the Crypto Expo Europe Gala Awards and one double room at the Radisson.

To sell content in MetaStudio’s metaverse, users need to sign up as content creators, coaches, streamers, etc. They will then receive the $CIX token and MetaStudio’s native token, $METAS, for their content.