N3twork Studios announces new hero-collector P2E game

Blockchain gaming studio N3twork Studios has announced its newest play-to-earn game, Legendary: Heroes Unchained, a hero-collector RPG that focuses on character progression, social guild-based content and sustainable economics.

Staffed by industry veterans from companies such as EA, Disney, Double Fine, Zynga and more, N3twork Studios said that Legendary: Heroes Unchained would have similarities to current free-to-play gacha games but utilize blockchain technology to enable true player asset ownership.

“As proven experts in free-to-play, Web2 gaming, we believe that Web3 marks an exciting, inevitable, and player-first evolution that will put the power of digital ownership into the hands of our community,” said president of N3twork Studios Matt Ricchetti, as per GamesBeat.

“We firmly believe that when players own their heroes, gear and other in-game items, games will be more fun and more fair for the players who spend endless hours strategizing with their guilds, building the ultimate collection of heroes and fighting for the top spots in the seasonal leaderboards.”

N3twork Games’ gaming experience and community interaction

Ricchetti believes that current mobile games offer a fitting framework for blockchain gaming. He emphasized that combining accessibility gameplay while also giving players avenues to progress and develop unique playstyles was key to creating games that have longevity and mass appeal. Social elements have already been integrated deeply into various mobile games through guilds and community events, which fits with N3twork Studios’ aim of creating a sustainable ecosystem for its games.

“Having strong expertise in mobile and FTP is actually one of N3TWORK Studios’ biggest advantages. We believe that the squad RPG genre in which we specialize is the perfect fit for web3: games are easy to pick up and play but offer deep progression, engaging guild-based social features, and robust liveops,” said Ricchetti.

“By combining these core characteristics with the best of web3–true digital asset ownership and sustainable community economics driven by token loops–we can create wholly original squad RPG experiences with mass appeal across platforms.”

N3twork Studios is also generating hype and interest for its game through its Discord server. A Discord bot created by the developers runs a minigame that allows users to earn a place in the whitelist for the Founder’s Edition NFT Mint by scoring high on the minigame’s leaderboard. This approach gets players interested in the game while also building the community up as users can share strategies to earn a higher rank on the leaderboard.

The minigame also acts as a sneak peek of the full game’s combat system as it simulates combat encounters entirely. Players can discuss with each other and develop strategies that can then be applied to the full game’s launch. The developers are also using the Discord minigame as a testing ground for changes to create a better-balanced final game.

“One of the primary motivations for the Discord game will be to help us tune the Battle Engine and the translation of NFT traits to stats and skills. As such, the traits of heroes and their skills may change from day to day alongside deployment of new adventures,” wrote N3twork Studios in its whitepaper.