Ookeenga to launch NFT Collection on July 5

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Ookeenga, a blockchain real-time strategy 3D battle card game developed by CROS Gamestudio, has confirmed that it has passed the rigorous procedure to become an official project on Binance NFT and is now planning to launch its Genesis Heroes collection, a collection of numerous one-of-a-kind heroes with varying abilities, on July 5, 2022,

Genesis Heroes are a type of NFT that players in Ookeenga can collect, granting them true ownership of digital assets. Ookeenga is built on the play-to-earn model, which rewards players for their efforts and dedication.

In celebration of the Ookeenga NFT sale on BinanceNFT on July 5, it is presently offering a massive $1,500 giveaway. It is also inviting players to refer the project to their friends to win incredible prizes.

It currently has an official Genesis Cocoon Offering with 6,000 NFT mystery boxes for sale. Beginning July 5, the Mystery Boxes will be available on the Binance NFT Marketplace for 50 BUSD/USDT per Mystery Box.

Ookeenga Genesis Cocoons

The play-to-earn model underpins Ookeenga. As a result, the only way for players to assemble their combat team is to collect hero cards. Each hero will augment the player’s fantasy by adding new Troop and Skill Cards to their deck.

In order to begin exploring Ookeenga, players will need at least three Heroes. The advantage of Genesis Cocoons is that they will give birth to special Genesis Heroes. These heroes will be more powerful and have more benefits than Standard heroes.

Here are some of the reasons why players should purchase Genesis Cocoons. It cannot be obtained through gameplay, so players must make a special payment. It will boost all base stats by 5 percent, increase the success rate of Hero Enhancement, reduce land infrastructure costs, and grant access to Miniworld to do side missions and get early-bird rewards.

Players can also anticipate a favorable return on their investment. For three Genesis Heroes at only $150 USDT, they can expect an average ROI of 20-25 days. There will be a limited supply and special prices, and the base price will gradually increase.

Ookeenga aspires to be a core content IP with a thriving ecosystem of follow-up Web2 and Web3 projects in the future. By owning Ookeenga NFTs, shareholders and gamers will gain access to the entire Ookeenga ecosystem. It has also set out to inherit and progress beyond traditional P2E.

Ookeenga is supported by Cros Studio and subcultured by Spores Network, a 30+ team with over seven years of experience and numerous reputable Game-Tech awards.

Cros Studio has worked on a variety of projects, including traditional games, GameFi, and Edtech products. It has built its credibility through successes that stem from providing the best user experience possible.

The enterprise employs Binance NFT, one of the largest global NFT platforms, to help Ookeenga evolve in today’s competitive market. In just over a month after its launch, Binance NFT had 25 million BUSD in sales, sold over 300,000 Mystery Boxes, and onboarded over 400 creators worldwide. Since its inception, Binance NFT has sold over 1 million Mystery Boxes and generated over 80 million BUSD in sales.