Operation: Tango Is The Ultimate Spy Team Puzzle Experience

Operation: Tango – One Game, Two Spies

Operation: Tango is an espionage puzzle game that is exclusively online and co-op. You and a buddy are tasked with completing six missions that are roughly a half-hour each. One of you will be playing as the agent who will be in the field. Your buddy will be the hacker who will be behind a computer screen who can also go into Tron-like areas of cyberspace. Communication will be purely voice-over, so there is no screen sharing. Originally released in 2020 but had a vast platform expansion on June 1st. It’s now available on PC and most major consoles.

Operation: Tango Is the Ultimate Spy Team Puzzle Experience
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It Takes Two To Tango

Depending on whether you’re playing as the agent or hacker, your gameplay will differ. The agent will have their feet on the ground completing spy missions while working in tandem with the hacker. The latter will be aiding helping break through locked doors, cybersecurity systems and more. Agents will navigate houses and strongholds to discover information that will progress you through the story in your mission to thwart Cypher’s evil plans.

The hacker can view the agent through hacked security cameras to help guide the agent and tap into other electronics in an area. There are also some subtle communication abilities. Waving at the security camera as an agent or editing a text on a display monitor as the hacker are additional fun game mechanics that are not necessary to progress in a mission. Hacking a system together requires one player to control the up and down movement of a ball and the other player controlling the left and right direction of the same ball.

With teamwork, you’ll have to navigate the ball through obstacles to reach an endpoint that will unlock a door. Clear, quick communication will be essential in these puzzles as timing is a significant factor, and tensions may rise if you mess up multiple times. It will truly test your patience and understanding. Only level heads will prevail and defeat the nefarious Cypher.

Mission Accomplished

The comic panel cutscene art style is enjoyable, and the voice acting and music are fairly good. The puzzles are also varied quite a bit, and the teamwork dynamic is unique and engaging. You can even swap places during a mission, so if you were to get stuck on a puzzle as the agent, you can switch characters with your partner and play out the puzzle or mission as the hacker. The playtime is not necessarily that long, and replayability is limited with six missions able to be played only two different ways, but for $20 it is worth the purchase if you have a decent partner to communicate with.

Every action (even pausing the game) is completely dependent on communicating with your teammate. They will be the biggest factor of whether or not you have a good time. And being a crossplay title, you don’t have to have the same console to play the game with a friend.

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Written by Trevor Forrest