Royal Wins Corporation adds NFT, blockchain into arsenal

Hyper-casual digital games studio Royal Wins Corporation has announced the addition of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and blockchain segments into their growth strategies for 2022. The company is the one behind the world’s first fully licensed real-money pure-skill gaming platform.

The addition of NFT and blockchain into their diversification strategy in 2022 accompany plans to improve their existing gaming platforms, geographic expansion, and penetration into new gaming segments such as mobile tournaments, esports, and games of chance.

Royal Wins was established in 2014. The company focuses on mobile casual games that offer “real cash prizes”. The company also announced that it had formed a team to build products outside of its core product development. The team was formed in collaboration with leading blockchain games developer Labrys in a bid to launch Royal Wins’ first blockchain gaming product on HTML5.

Promising collaboration

The collaboration began in October 2021. Labrys is a leading Australian company with extensive experience in providing large-scale blockchain solutions for major companies.

“We’re extremely pleased to have Labrys come on board to help us plan out our approach and delighted with their confidence in Royal Wins,” CEO of Royal Wins Peter Gan said.

Gan added that the development of NFTs and blockchains in terms of their integration into the gaming world has been limited to a specific market. The company aims to broaden their reach through the move.

“Staying true to our philosophy of “easy to learn, hard to master”, our objective at Royal Wins is to provide an intuitive and fun way for a mainstream casual gaming audience to interact with in-game NFTs through our Kash Karnival app,” Gan continued. “We are confident that Labrys will be able to help us extend this philosophy into the world of blockchain games and collectibles.”

The company’s first blockchain NFT game is expected to be released in the second half of 2022. It is designed and targeted for Generation Z. It also had the growing interest from Asian countries in mind upon its creation.

“NFTs are exploding in popularity with trading volumes eclipsing their own records quarter over quarter,” Royal Wins COO and Director Robert Fong said.

According to Fong, games that incorporate NFT are currently high in demand. The integration of NFTs and blockchain technology into their ecosystem was in line with the company’s philosophy. While they focus on the Asian market, they still provide services in the American market “with a diverse suite of gaming platforms we currently offer”.

“Even though the United States is now second in the world in terms of overall NFT traffic, the country still saw over 175,000 new users in the NFT ecosystem so far in 2022, a growth of around 38% versus November 2021,” Fong continued. “This comes in part from the growing interest among younger audiences as Millennials and Generation Z start to account for a higher percentage of traffic.”