Sheeba to develop NFT-themed adventure game, releases roadmap, more

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Sheeba ($SHEEBA) recently announced the team is working on the development of a brand new video game entry title called Sheeba Adventure. The developer team referred to their upcoming title as an “addictive game”, with the game being set to reward players for completing each level. The team also announced plans to release NFTs that allow in-game customization.

“$SHEEBA is working on the development of its addictive game called ‘Sheeba Adventures’ In game, you will need to complete increasingly difficult levels in order to earn $SHEEBA rewards. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty, and rewards will be,” the developer’s statement reads.

“You will have the ability to choose your own in-game NFT character. The $SHEEBA team will also be releasing additional NFT’s that will allow customization in game, and increase the amount of rewards that can be won.”

More about Sheeba Adventure

Sheeba Adventure is a multiplatform video game, set to release on IOS and Android app stores. The game puts a heavy emphasis on in-game progression. This means the game gets more difficult as players complete more levels. As much as it poses challenges, the game’s reward system grants players an increased quantity of rewards for each level completed.

As for character customization, the developer team confirmed each player will be given the ability to choose their in-game NFT character. There are not many details provided surrounding character customization. However, the $SHEEBA team confirmed the plans to release “additional NFTs” that will allow in-game customization.

With the rise in popularity of digital assets and blockchain technology, the one problem faced by companies looking to integrate video games with blockchain technology is the lack of long-term volume.

For the $SHEEBA team, the lack of long-term value “invariably slows down further development and any subsequent reinvestment into the project”. To tackle this issue, the developer team said they would allocate a certain percentage of funds to the marketing wallet to encourage investments to develop their own Decentralized Autonomous Organization, “SheebaDAO”.

“Sheeba ($SHEEBA) is solving this issue by using a percentage of the funds in the marketing wallet to acquire investments for the developing “#SheebaDAO,” the $SHEEBA team explains.

“The investments will be made in primarily yield bearing assets and all generated profits will be introduced back into the Ecosystem in the form of token price growth (buybacks), further development of our metaverse and marketing.”

Roadmap, future plans

To achieve this, the $SHEEBA team have created a roadmap. In the first phase, the project will gather resources to develop its play-to-earn (P2E) project, attract White List investors in the private sale, and launch its soft marketing campaign for the pre-sale.

The next phase is to make Sheeba Adventure available for listing on price-tracking websites for crypto assets, namely Coin Market Cap, Coin Gecko,, and Coinbase. Additionally, the developer will begin developing #SheebaDAO and setting forth the $SHEEB token. They will also build partnerships with influencers and celebrities.

The $SHEEBA team has yet to release details on the third phase.