The Legends of Bezogia beta launches globally

Zogi Labs, previously known as Bezoge Earth, has recently released the beta version of its crypto-based MMORPG, The Legends of Bezogia, to global audiences on PC, with a full release slated for Q1 of 2023.

The game describes itself as “a massive open world with a thrilling storyline, action-packed combat and sophisticated game mechanics”. In order to stand apart from competitors, The Legends of Bezogia is attempting to create a unique experience in the crypto gaming world by combining a character-focused, story-heavy approach with a large, open world to explore.

The developers have said they took great care to craft a “rich and deep backstory” for its characters. Said characters are named Bezogi and are NFTs that players can own, trade, and sell. To add a unique spin to the MMO genre, the items the Bezogi characters can equip are also NFTs.

“Following on from a year of hard work, devotion and creative passion we’re extremely excited to finally launch The Legends of Bezogia Beta after an overwhelmingly positive response & signup count,” said the chief executive officer of Zogi Labs, Steve Murray.

The first 1,000 players who sign up for the beta and get to play the game will earn an attendance token. This item will not be available through any other means, making it highly exclusive and valuable.

“With the aim of taking the NFT crypto gaming industry by storm, the game will give users all around the world a totally new experience in crypto gaming which is fitting for 2022,” said Murray.

Game features

One of the game’s core features is how much control the players have over the market. The only way new Bezogi are added to the game is through the players’ actions. Every Bezogi in the game was summoned by a player and is entirely unique thanks to NFT technology. Players can also use two Bezogi to summon a new Bezogi, which will have unique traits and abilities based on its two parents.

“The breed and DNA of Bezogis is directly derived from the two Bezogi used to summon, the purer the blood of the summoners, the higher the chance of getting a rare, epic or even purebred Bezogi,” Zogi Labs wrote on the game’s official website.

Compared to some other games available, Zogi Labs is focusing on an experience that is welcoming to players without prior crypto experience. The game is playable without a crypto wallet, and the only tokens used inside the game were made specifically for the game. Quests, tips, and in-game events will teach the player about cryptocurrency in non-intrusive ways, making the game an educational experience as well.

The Legends of Bezogia is also highly accessible in more traditional ways as the developers say it is a “game for anyone, of any age without restrictions” and has cross-platform gaming built in. Users can log into multiple devices, mobile and otherwise, and continue playing wherever they left off.

“… With the release of the Beta, we’ve invited players to get stuck into a whole new world of crypto gaming with play-to-earn & play-for-fun mechanics that will reshape the NFT gaming landscape as we know it,” said Murray.