The Longest Road on Earth Is Arthouse Cinema Meets Mobile Game

What May You Find On The Road

Released on May 27th on PC and mobile, The Longest Road home is a silent, black and white mobile game. It contains four chapters following four different characters and how they live out their daily lives.  The players’ interpretations of the characters define the story, meaning there are no obvious goals. You’re simply an observer to the day-by-day events. It’s more of an artistic reflection on the mundane daily lives many people experience.

The Longesst Road on Earth Video Game
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How to Navigate the Road

The Longest Road’s Gameplay is deliberately minimal. You can move whichever character you’re following left or right and press a single action key on the screen. The action is more often than not viewing some item related to day-to-day menial tasks such as opening a mailbox.

This will not appeal to a large audience, but for those who are patient and looking for something different, this could be right up your alley. Sitting at roughly an hour and a half, The Longest Road feels like a movie experience that should be watched in a single sitting. There is not much of a replayability factor outside of wanting to relisten to the wonderful score.

Is it Worth the Drive?

The choices to not include dialogue, use black and white pixelated graphics and music with lyrics aids helps the player constantly look for meaning in the actions taking place. Moreover, what the history could’ve been for the characters to end up in the positions they find themselves in. A more “catchy” soundtrack and added dialogue would have distracted from such introspective behaviors for a player and made a less impactful experience.

The final story is particularly relatable and powerful as we get to see a young moose grow as an individual and experiencing joy as a very small child and ultimately becoming an adult with a deal of responsibilities. It’s reminiscent of a variety of coming-of-age movies, especially Boyhood. The score consists of 20 completely original songs. They aid the graphics in helping to convey nostalgia and being caught in the loop of the mundane. Not in a depressing manner, but just as self reflection of life.

Those who appreciate art can enjoy The Longest Road for $10 on Steam or $4 on your mobile device, with a good pair of headphones and in a calm setting.

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Written by Trevor Forrest