Upcoming metaverse game RobotEra raises over $800,000 in token pre-sale

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RobotEra, a metaverse-based crypto game, recently raised approximately $886,000 and sold over 44,3 million TARO tokens in its early pre-sale stage, nearly half of its goal. It has been climbing up in price since its opening in November 2022, preparing for the launch of the new metaverse game in the second quarter of 2023.

Robotera Metaverse Tech, a Singaporean company with experience in metaverse technology, is the team behind the game. CEO Jason Chan and COO Alex Wong head the project’s current operations.

The project promises to bring players into a new, immersive world of their own creation. In the game, players will rebuild planet Taro using NFT robots, a customizable asset that players can trade for more value in the marketplace. The game also offers other assets, including land ownership in the metaverse, making it even more valuable for investors.

As a Pay to Earn game, RobotEra rewards players with NFTs and TARO coin stakes for completing tasks such as building facilities or setting up events. RobotEra also allows investors to open and advertise businesses in the game.

With the current price of $0.02 per TARO, the game’s developers plan to raise it to $0.025 in the next pre-sale stage, with the current stage ending soon.

A new world to explore

A newcomer to the metaverse, RobotEra combines the metaverse with Ethereum’s blockchain technology. It brings players into a virtual reality on the planet of Taro, where players can interact and compete with one another to help rebuild the shattered planet.

Players can do many activities, such as building theme parks, setting up art and NFT exhibitions, designing concert halls and creating all sorts of infrastructure to occupy the planet. They’ll also be able to purchase land in the metaverse and customize it as they desire.

One of the most exciting aspects of the project is its pay-to-earn concept. Players in the RobotEra will be able to earn real-life income through in-game activities. Trading robot companions, land, or mechanical parts counts as trading NFTs, allowing players to trade digital assets with real-life value.

Players can also earn passive income by investing in rebuilding the tattered remains of Taro through TARO tokens. These tokens are tied to TARO’s value on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing players to invest in the cryptocurrency while also participating in the game world.

Investing in metaverse projects like RobotEra has grown in appeal to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Analysts predict that the total assets of the metaverse may be worth over $10 trillion in 2030, with its leading developer, Meta, investing billions of dollars in metaverse devices.

The estimate is supported by the increase in metaverse asset prices after 2020. In 2022, the sales of major metaverse real estate amounted to over $500 million, with some companies paying over $4 million to purchase real estate platforms. While the metaverse industry continues facing challenges, many analysts have high hopes for projects like RobotEra.

The developers plan to release the game in Q4 of 2023, after which they will establish a DAO and continue developing the metaverse.