Warzone 2: Players can discover hidden features, keys in DMZ mode

The recently released Demilitarized Zone or DMZ mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 has many features and keys for players to discover. The DMZ mode introduced the player base to a one-of-a-kind sandbox survival mode that provided a set of goals or tasks to complete to achieve map extraction.

DMZ is currently visible on Al-massive Mazrah’s map. It provides players with a significant survival mode gaming experience, as they must acquire missions from various factions on the map while interacting in a battle.

Specific items in the DMZ game mode can be kept indefinitely on the player’s account and used to find high-tier loot. Players will also need to use every piece of equipment to exfiltrate successfully. Activision will add more items to the game mode in the future.

Some players have discovered an upcoming piece of gear that resembles a favorite item from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain while exploring DMZ mode. A Reddit user Top_Scientist4578 revealed the ‘Extraction Balloon’ gear item, which will be available from Buy Stations throughout Al-Mazrah.

The exciting addition, which costs $2,000 in-game currency, is strikingly similar to the Fulton Balloon from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. The Fulton Balloon transports tools or NPCs to the game’s Mother Base.

“I would guess that is to extract one piece of gear,” one Reddit user PlotzkeA said. “That would be far too cheap at $2000.”

Some players believe the item will be part of a new version of Plunder, which is currently unavailable in Modern Warfare. “Those are either all placeholder provers or some sort of crop from wz1 plunder,” another user Ghillie_In_The Mist added.

DMZ keys

Since of the severe death penalties, the DMZ mode can be considered Call of Duty’s version of Escape from Tarkov, where survival is everything. All loot and collectible items accumulated while on the ground are at risk of being lost in this ruthless mode.

The mode also includes keys, which provide players with an entirely new means to access new and improved loot. Players can access buildings and enemy bases for loot using DMZ keys.

Players will come across keys while exploring the large map and completing the session’s mission. Getting them requires concentration because it is easy to overlook a single cabinet, duffle bag, cupboard or crate on this massive map. Players will come across keys to hidden caches as well.

Players can find Quarry Worker’s Lost Toolbox Key and Crane Control Room Key in Enemy AI Drop, HVT Contract or Loot Containers. Players can use Quarry Worker’s key underwater to attach the warehouses on the northern side of Al-Safwa Quarry. Crane Control Room key enables players to open the grey door that leads into the Al Safwa Quarry crane for loot.

Players can obtain the Kushaak construction warehouse in several places. The first path requires players to complete the White Lotus Faction’s Convenience mission, which demands them to rebuild five vehicles at gas stations and extract seven gas cans.

However, players must accomplish all Tier 1 Legion Faction Missions to gain entry to the White Lotus missions. The key will be accessible for the player to use in future DMZ matches to activate the warehouse.

The item may drop while looting the warehouse nearby or accomplishing Eliminate contracts, which are indicated on the map with green cell phone icons and targets on Warzone’s TAC map. Key owners can locate the warehouse by navigating the map or hailing a ride to the Al-Safwa Quarry POI.

The second floor of the building can also give players the Sa’id Mall Security Room Key, which they can keep for future game sessions in this mode.