Web3 fitness app Fight Out rewards users for exercising

Get fit, have fun, and earn rewards with #FightOut! 👏

Our #MoveToEarn fitness platform not only gamifies your workout routine but also introduces you to the exciting world of the metaverse!

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The new fitness app Fight Out implements a move-to-earn (M2E) concept that allows its users to earn rewards while exercising at home or in the gym. It is the first Web3 app and gym chain that combines real-life workouts with competitions in the metaverse.

The team who develops Fight Out has long experience in combat sports, gym ownership and app development. The Fight Outapp tracks users’ movements, important effort indicators, sleep and nutrition. Based on these data, it creates customized training regimens for each user.

Users’ avatars serve as soul-bound NFTs in virtual reality and cannot be sold or exchanged. The fitter the user, the better the avatar will look. The training regimens include high-definition video lessons and a comprehensive training approach that emphasizes fitness while focusing on users’ mental and physical health.

Users can choose specific workouts that aim at certain parts of their fitness, ranging from muscular endurance and cardio to combat and strength. Each workout category contains videos from professional coaches and instructors to ensure the best user experience.

Users can deploy their avatars in the Fight Out metaverse to show off their fitness development, check others’ progress and socialize. Beyond that, users can also enter their avatars into virtual tournaments. Their fitness stats will indicate how well they will perform in the competitions.

With these features, Fight Out aims to disrupt the fitness and health industry, which is worth $96 billion, while taking advantage of the metaverse.

The project is currently in the first presale stage to raise the fund to power its platform. It has raised over $2.79 million within weeks, aiming to raise $10 million. Early investors will receive up to 50 percent of $FGHT token bonuses and an asset that will increase by 100 percent in value once the presale ends.

Users can only access Fight Out through app subscriptions and gym memberships when the presale stage is complete.

Earning rewards for exercising

Fight Out promises to reward its users as they build strength and other important fitness vitals. While working out, users will earn REPS — Fight Out’s in-app currency — which they can redeem in the app’s online marketplace.

It also allows users to buy fitness gear, supplements, equipment and one-on-one coaching sessions with a personal trainer. They can receive gym membership discounts and app subscriptions as well.

However, there are limitations on how many REPS users can earn from each workout category. To get the most REPS, users must do a combination of workouts.

In addition to REPS, users can also earn $FGHT tokens to pay Fight Out subscriptions and purchase REPS. Those who pay for subscriptions with $FGHT will get a 25 percent discount. Investors can also use $FGHT to stake assets to earn more of these tokens.

Currently, the $FGHT token is available at presale for $0.01665002, and currently, there is no limit on the amount of tokens users or investors can purchase. The app’s developers aim to sell up to 60 percent of the total FGHT supply.

Collaboration with celebrities, more

Aside from the Web3-integrated gyms, Fight Out also plans to incorporate physical gyms where members can work out with others. It also intends to launch up to 20 gyms and has already started searching for the locations.

More recently, Fight Out revealed that it would collaborate with four world-class celebrities who would be the app’s ambassadors. They would assist in marketing the project while providing exclusive content such as training regimes and access to behind-the-scenes.

Celebrities who have been confirmed to join Fight Out include Claressa Shields, UFC’s Taila Santos, American Ninja Warrior’s Tremayne Dortch and British professional boxer Savannah Marshall.