Wreckfest Wrecks Modern Racing Formula

Wreckfest Reinvigorates Racing

Wreckfest is a refreshing visitation to the rough and rowdy crashing car racer sub-genre. Bugbears’ deep history of creating the popular FlatOut games should already be a big hint that this game knows how to make crashing cars fun. As with any racing game, your main goal is to finish first, but in Wreckfest, you’ll also want to cause a lot of destruction. Not necessarily because it will always help you out in a race, but because it is enjoyable to do. You’ll be able to drive and crash in up to 76 cars, trucks, motorized toilets and more with the main title and DLC.

Wreckfest Video Game
image credit: THQNordic

How to Wreck

You have your typical racing tracks on first and tarmac where you race for first place. These will make up the bulk of your career mode, where you’ll earn XP and credits. These will allow you to level up to unlock more cars and purchase more parts. You also have your wilder game types like a lawnmower and demolition derby, where your main objective is to smash into other vehicles to wreck them, thus knocking them out of the competition.

The faster you go, the more power you’ll have to crush your opponents. You’ll need to time your attacks, though, because if you get caught idle, you may very well get destroyed yourself. Being wrecked yourself can be just as fun, however. You’ll also get to decide between two difficulties, Intense and Realistic, that affect the crashing intensity. Selecting Intense will reward drivers who hit other drivers by not damaging their car. Realistic will significantly impact both cars in any collision, which will force more careful driving.

Wrecking the Competition

The variety of cars all have their own sense of weight and agility, making for fun strategic play. Special vehicles also are entertaining to drift around in, like the family RV and motorized couch. The destruction physics really make this game shine. Although it’s always fun to win a match, it doesn’t feel overly frustrating when you are wrecked in a race. Seeing the amount of damage to your car and others through the race is always enjoyable. Being able to push others (or get knocked out yourself) through wooden fences or tire walls is exhilarating, and seeing all the debris last throughout the whole match adds to the crazy atmosphere.

The rock music soundtrack is nothing special and will get on the player’s nerves eventually. Playing without the music (or at least the in-game music) does allow the sound design of the cars to flourish. Smashing into vehicles always provides a satisfying crunch. Overall, Wreckfest is an exciting racing game that isn’t just for racing fans but for anybody that likes racing and destruction.

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Written by Trevor Forrest