Xsolla announces new NFT solution for video game partners

Global video game commerce company Xsolla has announced new updates to its NFT solutions, which will be helping Web3.0 users manage NFTs.

Due to growing interest from current and new game developers in the Web3.0 market, Xsolla created the NFT Checkout process earlier this year. It allows game developers to quickly and securely add NFTs to their game economy.

Xsolla president Chris Hewish said that this feature was developed to help the company’s partners sell NFTs, enabling players to buy digital items and mint them to NFTs using their preferred fiat payment method. While developers handle the minting and delivery of the NFTs, Xsolla deals with the checkout and distribution process of the in-game items.

Users can also store items and NFTs in the partners’ or Xsolla’s inventory and transfer the minted items to users’ wallets. This solution connects partners to major blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana and Polygon, as well as over 100 supported e-wallets.

“These developers want to deliver additional player value, drive engagement and retention and add new revenue streams. To help these developers, Xsolla has taken steps to help our partners monetize their games with NFTs by making it simple to buy, store, and mint NFTs for their customers,” Hewish said.

Its updated Xsolla Web Shop features enable its partners to engage directly with users from their online store. This helps developers manage player promotions and customize their marketing, exposing each player to a unique and valuable service experience.

“Xsolla is committed to providing best-in-class services and support for mobile game developers worldwide to help them reach more players in more geographies,” Hewish said. “As the mobile gaming industry evolves, we are staying ahead of the curve by offering unique features to our mobile solution to help our partners connect directly with their players.”

OnlySpace CEO Alexey Kostarey said that Web3 would soon be as important as the Internet, with its virtual worlds and the metaverse rendering interactions seamlessly. He saw the potential of NFT Checkout and said it would help people transition from traditional games to Web3 easily.

“Here they can be really free: they own assets and can deal with them. NFT Checkout has been tested on one of our projects. We see the potential of the service and will implement it in all the games we are going to publish,” Kostarey said.

Partnership with Alipay+

General manager of Ant International Global Strategic Accounts Jin Yin recently announced Xsolla’s partnership with Alipay+ following the former’s expansion in India earlier this year.

Alipay+ is a suite of global mobile payments and marketing solutions from Ant Group. Alipay+’s technologies and solutions allow Xsolla to help gaming partners reach new players by allowing them to buy games and in-game items with their preferred local payment method.

“We are excited to partner with global brands like Xsolla,” Yin said. “The digital entertainment industry has been on the upward growth trajectory over the past few years. We are willing to support Xsolla and its customers in the industry to connect to more digital-first customers across Asia.”

Xsolla has been operating in Asia for more than eight years, helping partners market, sell, and monetize their games in more than 200 regions. It recently expanded to Tokyo, Japan and India and made an appearance at September’s Tokyo Game Show.

“With the Alipay+ partnership, we have extended coverage in China and beyond while reinforcing access to the biggest e-wallets in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, and Hong Kong SAR, China,” Xsolla head of payments and commerce Anton Zelenin said.

“And we don’t stop there – a direct partnership with Alipay+ opens up new opportunities unavailable through providers – in particular, expansion of partnership in the field of strategic marketing to add value to the existing Xsolla solutions.”