How to Win at Blackjack: Top 10 Tips to Win at Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular and long-running casino games. While it’s hugely enjoyable to play, it can also be pretty tricky to get consistent wins when you play this card game. So we’ve prepared a quick and easy guide that shows you how to win at blackjack.

Whether you’re playing at home against friends, or are looking to see how to win at blackjack online, our guide will tell you all you need to know. So take a look below and start winning at blackjack.


1. How to win at blackjack every time – Understand probability

Blackjack is all about figuring out the odds of going bust with the next card being dealt. You might hear about card counting at games like blackjack, but this is usually a bad idea. Better to understand the basic odds of what you’ve got in your blackjack hand.

Most blackjack players will fear getting a total of 16 as this makes it very hard to know whether to stick or twist. Things get even harder if this 16 is made up of two 8s. Here is a quick look at your chances of going bust with various hands:

11 or less: 0%
12: 31%
13: 38%
14: 46%
15: 54%
16: 62%
17: 69%
18: 77%
19: 85%
20: 92%

2. Manage your bankroll – One of the simplest blackjack tips to win

It might sound boring but there is truly nothing better for surviving blackjack gaming than by setting yourself a sensible budget and sticking to it. Doing so means that you don’t fall into the trap of getting overly emotional by chasing after your losses.

As blackjack is one of the most popular money games, then there will be plenty of players who make the mistake of playing the game as a way of making some cash. Far better to see blackjack as just a form of entertainment, so that if you get hit by some losses, it won’t hurt you too much.

3. Anticipate your losses – Just as important as knowing how to win at blackjack

Even the most experienced blackjack pros will lose every now and then. It’s the nature of the game that you’ll be wagering against the laws of probability. This means that it doesn’t matter if you have lost your previous 10 games of blackjack, as you’ll be no more likely to win your next round.

The best thing that you can do to counter this is to factor in those inevitable losses into your long-term plan and wager with modest stakes.

4. Pick the best casinos – Equal to knowing how to win at blackjack

All casinos online and in the real world will provide slightly different ways to play games like blackjack. It’s important to find the right site for your blackjack gaming. For example, the best casino game on Betway might be a multihand blackjack game for some people, while other people might prefer a more simple variant of the card game. Plus certain casinos will let you play blackjack with very low stakes, while other casinos will be more demanding.

Be sure to find the casino that’s right for your budget and playing style, and keep an eye out for those casino games that allow you to play blackjack as a freeplay option so that you don’t make any losses while you’re learning the ropes.

5. Use all available bonuses – Essential for knowing how to win at blackjack online

One of the best things about using online casino sites for blackjack gaming is the fact that they frequently put on some excellent bonuses. Many of these special offers will simply give you extra wagering funds in direct correspondence to the amount of money that you deposit at the site. However, some promotions can work in a different way where you might get your blackjack losses refunded up to a certain amount.

The trick is to find the casino bonus that works best for you. Plus we should remind you of how important it is to thoroughly read through all of the terms and conditions of these deals so that you understand what it is that you are signing up for.

6. Avoid taking insurance – The best way to know how to win at blackjack at a casino

You might see some blackjack players taking insurance. This basically means that you take a side bet where you stake half of your original bet against the dealer landing 21 with an ace and a picture card. If the dealer does land a natural blackjack, then the insurance bet will pay out at a rate of two to one.

While it sounds like a fair deal, the insurance bet payout doesn’t really cover the cost of trying this tactic. So don’t be tempted to get insurance on your blackjack gaming.

7. Knowing when to double down – Key for winning at blackjack

Doubling down is one of the most exciting bets in blackjack. It basically means that you are doubling your bet in the middle of a hand, and then you’ll only pick up one more card after you do this. It’s obviously a risky kind of bet, as you might get dealt a low-ranking card in which case you could stand to lose twice as much.

Consider doubling down either when your cards add up to 11, when you have a soft 16, 17 or 18, or a hard 9 or 10.

8. Understand which blackjack variant to play

The classic game of blackjack is hugely popular all over the world, and many people love to play a few rounds of 21. However, it’s important to note that some online casino sites will allow you to play a few different variants of the card game.

For example, many people will enjoy playing multihand blackjack as it opens up a whole new way to engineer some big wins. Other people will love playing speed blackjack as it raises the bar in how quickly you have to weigh up the laws of probability. So be sure to find a blackjack variant that works for you.

9. Factoring the house edge

Compared to other casino games like slots, blackjack has a relatively generous house edge that is around 0.5%. Despite this, it’s still important to recognise the fact that the way that game is set up is designed to give the dealer the upper hand. As long as you understand this fact, you’ll know that if you are lucky enough to win your blackjack hand, then it’s probably only a matter of time before you lose your next round.

10. Knowing when to walk away

If you want to successfully play casino games, you’ll need to know when to stop. Chasing after your losses is one of the worst things that you can do. This is because it will often make you unduly emotive, which in turn, means that you won’t be thinking clearly about whether to twist or stick. So if you feel like your luck is against you, then make sure that you stop and know when is the right time to play blackjack again.