How to Win at Blackjack – Top 10 Tips to Win at Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular and long-running casino games. While it’s hugely enjoyable to play, it can also be pretty tricky to get consistent wins when you play this card game. So we’ve prepared a quick and easy guide that shows you how to win at blackjack.

Whether you’re playing at home against friends, or are looking to see how to win at blackjack online, our guide will tell you all you need to know. So take a look below and start winning at blackjack.


1. Probability is The Key to Knowing How to Win at Blackjack!

Understanding probability is key to putting together a winning blackjack strategy. Probability is the likelihood that something will occur. You may read elsewhere that card counting is a useful way of calculating probability when playing blackjack, but it is not something that we would advise you to do when playing money games online at casinos.

Instead, it is safer and easier to work out basic probabilities based on the cards in your hand. The table below shows the probability of going bust based on the total value of the cards in your hand. Many experienced blackjack players see a score of 16 as the trickiest hand to play!

11 or less: 0%
12: 31%
13: 38%
14: 46%
15: 54%
16: 62%
17: 69%
18: 77%
19: 85%
20: 92%

2. One of The Best Tips to Win at Blackjack – Manage Your Bankroll

It might not sound that important to a novice player, but any seasoned blackjack veteran is sure to tell you that keeping a close eye on your bankroll is key to knowing how to win at blackjack. When you’re playing online blackjack games that pay real money, it is vital that you manage your stake size and make wise decisions about when to bet big and when to be more cautious. Always remember that you’re playing for fun, and this will help you make the right choices.

3. Remember That You Will Lose!

An important part of learning how to win at blackjack is dealing with the reality that you will lose. Anyone who comes up with a winning blackjack strategy will have learned from bitter experience that you cannot win all the time. If you’re playing legit games that pay real money, then there will always be times when you lose. Good players accept this and manage their bankroll according to the circumstances that they face.

4. Pick The Right Online Casino!

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When you’re playing blackjack games that pay real money, you need to make sure you’ve picked the right online casino. Your favorite variant of the game might be a multi-hand blackjack game, like those that make up some of the best casino games on Betway, while other people might prefer a more simple variant of the card game. Plus certain casinos will let you play blackjack with very low stakes, while other casinos will be more demanding.

Be sure to find the casino that’s right for your budget and playing style, and keep an eye out for those casino games that allow you to play blackjack as a free-play option so that you don’t make any losses while you’re learning the ropes.

5. Make Sure You Spot The Best Blackjack Bonuses if You Want to Know How to Win Online Blackjack Games

One of the best things about using online casino sites for blackjack gaming is the fact that they frequently put on some excellent bonuses. Many of these special offers will simply give you extra wagering funds in direct correspondence to the amount of money that you deposit at the site. However, some promotions can work in a different way where you might get your blackjack losses refunded up to a certain amount.

The trick is to find the casino bonus that works best for you. Plus we should remind you of how important it is to thoroughly read through all of the terms and conditions of these deals so that you understand what it is that you are signing up for.

6. Don’t Bother With Taking Insurance if You Want to Know How to Win at Blackjack!

You might see some blackjack players taking insurance. This basically means that you take a side bet where you stake half of your original bet against the dealer landing 21 with an ace and a picture card. If the dealer does land a natural blackjack, then the insurance bet will pay out at a rate of two to one.

While it sounds like a fair deal, the insurance bet payout doesn’t really cover the cost of trying this tactic. So don’t be tempted to get insurance on your blackjack gaming.

7. Learn When to Double Down – Probably The Best Way to Win at Blackjack

Seasoned blackjack players will know all about doubling down and how it can be a great tactic to use when you’re playing the best money games. So, how do you double down when playing blackjack and why is it so effective? Doubling down is where you decide to double your bet in the middle of the hand. After doing this, you are only able to pick up one more card after you make this decision.

The risks of this should be apparent to anyone who has even the most basic knowledge about blackjack. You should base the decision, as with most tactical decisions in blackjack, on the value of the cards in your hand. If your cards add up to 11, doubling down can be a very wise thing to do. It can also be effective if you have an ace in your hand that gives you a soft 16, 17, or 18. Equally, doubling down can be valuable when your hand adds up to nine or 10 and is ‘hard’, with no ace.

8. Find The Right Blackjack Variant For You!

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Classic blackjack is one of the world’s most popular cash money games with online gamblers, but there is more than one way to play the game. While many players will love to stay true to the classic variant, it is also worthwhile exploring some different options. There are usually several variants to check out at the best online casinos. The live casino section of an operator will usually offer even more variants from which you can choose.

You may have the kind of quick, questing mind that would enjoy the challenges posed by speed blackjack, for example. Perhaps the greater complexity that multi-hand blackjack provides would suit you better, as you can construct situations where bigger wins become possible. There is a lot to explore at most online casinos, so don’t allow yourself to become too set in your ways – there are always other opportunities out there!

9. Remember That The House Always Has an Edge!

One of the most important tips to win at blackjack is remembering that the house will always have an edge over you, whatever you do. While the house edge for online blackjack is much more in the player’s favor than for other games like slots, there is still a house edge of around 0.5%. This makes it impossible for you to win every hand when playing blackjack online, even if you had the skills and luck that would allow you to do so.

But by knowing that this edge is built into all games, you are putting yourself in a position of strength. Psychologically, you are preparing yourself to face the disappointment of losing as you know it is just part of the game. This will allow you to mentally recover from loss more quickly and make better decisions about your strategy. It will also help make it clearer to you when it is time to walk away to play another day.

10. Learn When it is The Right Time to Walk Away

As we’ve said above, it is impossible to win at blackjack all the time, however skillful and lucky you might be. Many inexperienced blackjack players react badly to losing by doing something called chasing losses. This is where you react to a loss by placing even bigger wagers in a misguided attempt to catch up. This can lead to you losing much more money than you bargained for in a dispiritingly rapid stretch of time.

Indeed, it is not a good idea to play online blackjack games that pay real money if you are in any kind of negative mood. Stress, anger, and frustration will just disrupt your decision-making ability and lead to poor outcomes. Knowing when to stop, or indeed not to start, is a key skill of the successful blackjack player. They’re attributes that you need to adopt if you’re going to play casino games.

Final Remarks

Anyone looking to play entertaining money games online will find plenty of entertainment on offer if they opt for a few hands of blackjack. While knowing how to always win at blackjack and guarantee a profit is impossible, you can boost your chances of success by following the tips we have given you here. Always remember that it is supposed to be fun!