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Enjoy playing a Texas hold’em free poker game

Welcome to our guide to Texas hold’em poker. Here we are going to tell you all about the Texas hold’em poker rules, so that you can enjoy playing one of the best-loved card games in the world. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what the Texas hold’em poker hands are, as our guide to Texas hold’em for dummies will quickly help you get to grips with this game.

In addition to supplying you with the basics in terms of Texas hold’em poker rules, we will also show you some of the best sites for playing Texas hold’em poker online. This should prove to be a handy gateway for picking up some great online poker bonuses as well as gaining access to some of the best online poker tournaments around.

But we won’t stop there as we will also try our hardest to provide you with some simple Texas hold’em poker tips. Whilst these tips might not help you win with every hand, they should be able to help you avoid some of the more common mistakes made by newcomers to this classic card game. So be sure to keep reading to see how you can enjoy the fun, exciting and potentially profitable game of Texas hold’em poker.

What is Texas hold’em poker and how do you play it?

Poker is one of the most popular card games, if not the most famous money games online in the world, and Texas hold’em poker is one of the most famous variants of this legendary game. Like all other poker variants, the aim of the game is to compete against other players to win the largest amount of money. You can do this by betting on your hand compared to the hand of your competitors.

You will start by getting two hole cards and then you attempt to build up the best possible hand by using the five community cards that are gradually unveiled by the dealer. You can bet on your hand at any point after the first three community cards have been revealed, and then it’s a case of checking, calling, raising your stakes or folding.

If you have managed to have the best hand at the end of the betting rounds and have not folded, then you will have won and you get to receive all of the money put in by all of the competitors. As such, it’s clear that Texas hold’em poker requires skill, patience and more than a little luck. But before you rush to find the best Texas hold’em free poker game, it’s worth taking a little time to have a closer look at the rules.

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What are the Texas hold’em poker rules?

So just to help you better understand how to play Texas hold’em poker free, we thought that we should give you a quick example of how a round of this classic card game could go. The action would begin with a dealer assigning two random cards from a standard card deck of 52 to two or more players.

The opening two hole cards are dealt face down clockwise, and then the dealer will issue three community cards that are known as ‘the flop’. From here, you can get started in making bets on whether or not your hand is better than your competitors. The aim would be to get one of the best Texas hold’em poker hands that would cause your hand to win over the other players.

When you make your first bets you get chance to check, call, raise or fold. If you ‘fold’, it means that you don’t like your hand and you sit the game out, whilst if you ‘check’ it means that you decline the right to make a bet at the moment. If you decide to ‘raise’, it means that you will demand that the other players must raise the levels of their betting stakes if they wish to continue, whilst if you ‘call’, then it means that you match another player’s bet.

After this, a fourth community card will be dealt, and another round of betting can be carried out. If everybody is still playing, then the fifth and final community card will be revealed and the competitor who has the best hand and hasn’t folded will get to receive the money from all of the participants.

A quick look at Texas hold’em poker hands

Whilst you can always bluff to the other players that you possess a much better hand than you actually have, such a strategy is very risky. As such it’s always best to try and concentrate on making sure that your poker hand is as good as possible.

Upon starting a round of Texas hold’em, you will be dealt a starting hand of two hole cards. The highest ranked card is an ace, and this runs from king, queen and jack through the numerical cards down to 2. There are 1,326 possible combinations of starting hands, and from here you get to build up your hand by using the community cards that are dealt over three stages. Here is a quick look at some of the Texas hold’em poker hands in order of highest value to lowest.

Royal flush – An ace, king, queen, jack and 10 all in the same suit.
Straight flush – Five cards in a row, all the same suit, such as nine, eight, seven, six and five of diamonds.
Four of a kind – Four cards with the same ranking, such as four queens.
Full house – Three cards of the same kind and a pair, like three jacks and two sevens.
Flush – Five cards in the same suit. This doesn’t have to be in a sequence, so a ten, eight, five, four and two of hearts could be a flush.
Straight – Five cards in sequence, but not the same suit.
Three of a kind – Three cards in the same rank, such as three eights.
Two pair – Two different pairs, such as two jacks and two tens.
Pair – Two cards of the same ranking, like two eights.
High card – If you haven’t any combinations, the highest card in your hand is your high card.

Four of a kind of aces

Which betting sites allow you to play Texas hold’em poker online?

There are plenty of great betting sites out there that allow you to play Texas hold’em free. The majority of the gambling websites featured at JustGamers will feature this card game, and so you should have plenty of choice. We would always recommend that you shop around to find a betting site that offers you the most appropriate poker tournaments according to your skill level. Starting with free casino games versions will help you learn!

If you have plenty of experience in playing Texas hold’em and want to take on some top players, then BetStars could be a good option. This betting site is well known as being the largest online real money poker site in the world, and by entering their tournaments you will be up against some tough competition.

Some traditional sportsbooks like William Hill have put together a good Texas hold’em software package that can see you entering acclaimed tournaments like the World Series of Poker. Whilst if you go anywhere from 888poker to TonyBet, you can be assured of a great way to enjoy a fun Texas hold’em free poker game.

Are there any good Texas hold’em poker tips?

Texas hold’em is easy to understand, yet pretty difficult to master. Whilst you may see some gamers attempting to use a Texas hold’em odds calculator to help them out, it’s far better to just take the time to build up your own experience so that you can know when to call, raise or fold.

Above all, it’s only by carefully monitoring your own betting budget that you are going to find success in mastering the Texas hold’em game. Way too many newcomers come in with high stakes bets too early, or try and bluff their opponents too frequently. This is why it’s far better to build your game slowly with smaller stakes and then increase your stakes when you start to get a better understanding of your competitors.

By treating a game of Texas hold’em as a form of entertainment, rather than being a way to make money, you will be much better placed to avoid the problems that come when you make rash and ill-judged bets. If you find that you are losing your wagering with money that you don’t have, you will be forced into making plenty of difficult calls. So always gamble responsibly for the best way to win at Texas hold’em.