What is Blankos Block Party? A Forthcoming NFT Open-World

Blankos Block Party is an extremely anticipated NFT-based game currently in development. Users can buy, sell, collect and use their Blankos NFTs as they see fit. Each Blankos is unique and has its own values, appearances, and ID.

Unlike a lot of other projects out there, the game is all but an AAA title. It offers just about everything gamers could want – including the possibility of making your own games. Users can easily design, build and play in all sorts of party games to share with their friends or the community at large.

As for the Blankos themselves, they each have pretty iconic designs, many of which were created by some of the world’s most talented artists and creators. New Blankos designs are still possible – and in fact, the creators of Blankos accept submissions from the general public for additional new Blankos!

Image credit: Blankos

The NFTs

As mentioned, each Blankos is an NFT as well, a non-fungible-token that is unique. Users truly own the assets that are the NFTs, and it’s up to them to keep, buy and sell them as they please. Users can either simply collect them, or actually play the many available games with them. Given its social nature, Blankos of course offers plenty of multiplayer opportunities – the name ‘Block Party’ isn’t just for show. Users can either play alone or form up in squads in order to compete in block parties.

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The game itself is free for users on Windows 10, the only platform the game is available on right now. The Blankos themselves aren’t free – they are available for purchase on both the official website and various online NFT markets. Users can buy Blankos as well as different kinds of accessories and customisations, such as hats, jewellery, and body mods.

The marketplace is where they can sell things,” he said. “Our accessories are still curated. But what the players can do then is, with most of the characters, players can now customize so they can level them up. We’ll keep adding things into this world.

Image credit: Blankos

The Creators of Blankos

The game is the brainchild of Mythical Games. Based in LA, they are pioneers in the field of playable NFTs. They secured some pretty incredible deals with companies like Burberry, DeadMau5, Quiccs, and El Grand Chamaco. They’ve released various themed sets of Blankos and accessories that users can use in the various party games that are available in the game environment.

The game itself isn’t fully available yet – in fact, it was only even properly debuted at the E3 2021. Mythical Games made it clear that Blankos isn’t trying to compete with games like Roblox, despite the similar features and gameplay the two have – instead, the game is supposed to be a major connection point between the world of NFTs and major brands. In other words – the point is to draw more big brands into the NFT and crypto world.

The game doesn’t have to be a grand slam,” co-founder of Mythical Games John Linden said. “We’re not trying to necessarily take on Roblox, but what we’re seeing is the community loves it. The community really loves what we’re doing, the brands love where it’s doing, so we’re going to definitely invest heavily behind it, to really show this and show all these new concepts that we want to do. How does gameplay affect ownership? How can you play to earn? What does that mean in a game?

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