Kugle – A Fresh New Crypto Project That’s Also Good for the Environment

Crypto has been under fire lately for the negative impact it could be having on the environment – however, there are projects out there that are actively working against that. Kugle is one of them – not only is it a creature-based NFT project, but it also has a clear economic objective: trees!

Kugle and its founders are actively working towards a greener future! Based in Malta, the project aims to release a mobile application by 2022.  Beyond that, they want to add more phases of their application and, down the line, release a finished project.

Kugle crypto NFT game

The Project

The name Kugle refers to a creature that’s at the core of the project – and they are supposed to be embedded in the real world as a Metaplex-compliant NFT. The whole thing is placed on the cryptocoin GÜ. Limited at 10 million GÜ, the coin is available and already released, on the blockchain Solana.

That’s also where the whole economic angle comes in – Kugle is actively aiming to ‘decarbonise’ Solana. This is something that the Kugle project co-founders, Nico and Ugo, feel very strongly about; “We are hoping, that ‘green’ blockchain projects would become the norm, not only for us but for the entire finance industry, by choosing over time alternative ways and tech that are less & less carbon emissive.”

This unique focus on the environment is a pretty unusual focus in crypto – and it’s an admirable one! If nothing else, more companies ought to take an environmentally-conscious approach to crypto – it could actively help ease the strain that crypto is putting on the environment.

We choose Solana as a blockchain that uses way less carbon than a giant like Bitcoin, and Nico calculated that we could entirely decarbonize Solana by planting 1700 trees each year, which is our economical goal. We know that polluting one way, and then planting zero trees the other way is not a long-term solution for the planet of course, but this is our first step,” said Ugo about their efforts.

Image credit: Kugle

The Impact of Kugle

We spoke to Ugo about the project, and he told us the key details that interested crypto and gaming fans need to know about. “There are lots of projects out there that create a series of 10,000 NFTs and just pray for the speculation to happen. With the skills we had, we could have done a unique first series of 10,000 Kugle really, really good looking and stop there. It was the easy way from the trader point of view. But half of the team is from the video game industry and we want to make something different, unique, and do a breakthrough in all those 2D NFT series that doesn’t mean anything else than speculation.”

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Kugle will take a Tamagotchi-like approach to gameplay – and beyond that, the creators have made every effort to also make the Kugle experience as unique as possible for each user. This is what Ugo said about it: “To prevent a combination of characteristics due to a classical algorithmic base, we will use the chaos of SOL, RAY and GÜ prices or other cryptos. Thanks to the prices’ organic movements, the newborn Kugle will be likelier to have the wing attribute or the small paws, or even both! Chaos on a limited duration will allow us to have different probabilities every day!

This system will allow a true genetical evolution for every characteristic a Kugle will have. These characteristics will become rarer or less rare according to the market’s state due to speculation. Some characteristics are dedicated to becoming common over time, and other will tend to disappear if nobody keeps their NFTs as eggs!”

Image credit: Kugle

We asked Ugo if there was something he wanted to share with the crypto community, and he said: “Be respectful, be patient, be transparent. Every great thing takes time. We do our best to be the first Successful Solana Game project. We have the timing, the skill and I think the long-term mindset in our favor. We just need a little bit of luck!”

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