Gala Games: Shaping The Future of Gaming

Have you ever felt that you’re wasting productive time while gaming? For example, instead of making something valuable, you’re just fighting virtual dragons. Additionally, it becomes tedious when some video games require time to reach the highest levels. Therefore, you spend months “Grinding” or doing the same thing multiple times until you get that point.

And the result? Nothing. You either get bored of the same gameplay elements or drop everything off in the middle. Sometimes you have more than 1k hours dropped in a single game and leave with nothing of value. Moreover, you might find a similar video game and continue with the flawed process.

Luckily, things in the gaming industry are turning into something new and formidable. This time around, instead of wasting a couple of hours each day, you could earn money while playing. Indeed, with the latest changes that Crypto coins are making to easier transactions, everything is possible.

Gala Games

Just imagine, you can finish a virtual dungeon, gather your rewards and sell that unwanted loot for some real-life cash. In comparison, it’s like watching a movie and getting paid at the same time.

Gala Games: what you need to know

To learn more about this new interphase, let us compare it to Steam’s video game store. One of the great opportunities you have when using Steam is how easily you can buy games. Indeed, with a couple of clicks, you can browse for attractive video games and increase your Library. Most noteworthy, a low quantity of games gives you the option to “sell” items through the Market.

The Market inside of Steam works somewhat similar to stocks (or cryptocurrencies). In this virtual place, some items tend to increase/decrease their value according to the demand. Therefore, if you invest a little time in this part of Steam, you can buy an item and sell it at a higher cost.

At first, it looks like a great way to add/remove credits from your Steam Wallet. Still, though, all of your earnings remain in the Steam interphase. Therefore, you can use that virtual currency to buy other items in the Market or other video games.

Now, with Gala Games, everything that you earn in their games belongs to you. Above all, you can even turn those virtual Legendary Swords into real money. In other words, you can even buy pizza with the items that you collected in a gaming session.

At the moment, all of the games that you’ll find in the Gala interphase are currently free. Hence, you can try one (or all of them) and play when you have free time. The more you progress in any of those games, you can earn powerful rewards into your account.

Lastly, almost all of the games you find on that platform do not require a powerful pc. Furthermore, you can even play for a while within your internet browser. As a result, you do not have to wait too long to have a game ready on your computer.

What Can You Find in This Platform?

Within the Gala interphase, you can find five games in their Library. Still, though, since Gala is making their way to the gaming business, you can only play two games at the moment. The rest of the list is on development. Therefore, if you want to give it a try, you can play between:

  • Spider Tanks: This is a PvP action game where you use a tank intending to destroy your adversaries. Inside the video game, you’ll find different kinds of tanks that have multiple attributes. For example, you can see a difference in the firing rate, their movement, and how they look. The more you play Spider Tanks, the better odds of collecting the rarest tanks and owning the arena.
  • Town Star: If you want to start an adventure in managing and selling virtual town materials, you should try Town Star. In its current beta state, you can play in your browser and set things up pretty quickly. As you gain different virtual currencies, you’ll unlock influential buildings that make your managing job a lot less tedious. Similar to any “Facebook” video game, there’s no end, and you’ll need to visit your town constantly.

Mirandus from Gala Games

The rest of the list is still in development. As a result, you can only see some sneak peeks of the Gala games that can appear sooner than later. In this list, you can preview:

  • Mirandus: An RPG where you have the freedom of how to use your hero(es). First of all, you can set yourself on a dangerous journey, killing monsters or evil threats. Secondly, you can join the monarch and work as a knight. And lastly, you can become a trader and sell your goods in the main cities.
  • Fortified: If you’re one of those gamers that love to spend their time defending their valuable objects, this is for you. Fortified is a “tower defense” video game where you’ll need to set a powerful counterattack. If you manage to build everything right, no assault on your base will have any meaning.
  • Echoes of Empire: Build and manage a powerful fleet full of powerful space ships in the galaxy. As you progress in the game, you can order a whole sector and keep any intruders away from your goods. Who knows, maybe you can rule over the entire galaxy.

Playing for Your Future

In its current state, Gala Games is beginning its involvement in the gaming industry. Therefore, as time goes by, you can see an extensive library. In conjunction, their crypto coin also seems to increase their value. As a result, if you start playing right now, you can save the rarest items in your inventory. Later on, you could even earn thousands of dollars with random virtual goods.

Always keep an eye on the different games in the Library and how the Gala coin changes. If you see a positive incline, you can share free time on their games and pay your bills shortly.