Chainmonsters Review

The NFT gaming world is full of card games, round-based games, and battle games… the distribution of genres isn’t even though, so there are a lot fewer games of other genres out there. One of the more underrepresented genres out there is the MMORPG – and that’s exactly what Chainmonsters is. The free-to-play MMO combines social gaming with the fun of catching and taming creatures a la Pokemon – but on the blockchain.

Chainmonsters NFTs

At launch, the game contained over 161 unique creatures that players can meet, battle, and catch in the world of Ancora, which is the open-world environment that Chainmonsters is set in. Naturally, as with any crypto game, there are, well, NFTs involved. The game is based on the Flow Blockchain, and while it’s fairly obvious that the monsters themselves are NFTs, there are other kinds as well – in fact, almost everything is. Anything that can be picked up and put in a user’s inventory is an NFT, right down to pebbles.

Chainmonsters NFTs
Image credit: Chainmonsters

Obviously, their value will depend on type, rarity and so on, so you probably won’t be earning lots of money off your pebble collection, but it would undeniably be YOUR pebble collection. You can collect, sell, and keep your NFTs as you like.

The Tokens

As mentioned, just about anything can be an NFT that you can sell – and therefore also buy. The game has a built-in marketplace in which you can list your NFTs for sale and buy the things you need or want. The game was originally funded on Kickstarter, where future players could invest in the development in exchange for rewards down the line, such as exclusive content and NFTs on launch.

When the game officially launches, there will be additional monetisation strategies, including new content updates to keep the game interesting for players, and things like a Season Pass that allows them to access unique additional things – including free skins, items and cosmetics.

Game Development

Chainmonsters has gone through some massive development leaps since its early alpha days. The game went from a 2D 8bit style game all the way to the open-world, 3D toon-shaded game it is now – and all of that changed before the game was even put into open Beta, which won’t be until February 2022.

Chainmonsters Gameplay
Image credit: Chainmonsters

Beyond that, the developers have promised a similar expansion strategy to other MMORPGS – new areas, new environments, new opponents and more to do as time passes. With the very successful pre-launch journey that the game has gone on so far, they have managed to make gigantic improvements over the very first few concepts that were shown (for example, the 2D game art on Steam). As far as NFT games go, Chainmonsters definitely has its sights set quite far – and if they manage to deliver on all of their promises, they could become one of the dominant games in the NFT social gaming space!