CryptoBay: Play to Earn Pirate Adventure Game

CryptoBay is the new kid in the block offering a play-to-earn platform. CryptoBay presents the games in a pirate-adventure theme, developed in the metaverse. The game aims at providing players with an opportunity to interact and have fun with blockchain technology in a metaverse world.

CryptoBay looks forward to a future where the real world and blockchain technology will merge into one metaverse world: A future where people play to earn. CryptoBay deems itself at the forefront of introducing blockchain play to earn games.

CryptoBay Gameplay

As one of the best GameFi products on the Binance Smart Chain, CryptoBay users are at liberty to create a kingdom full of different possibilities. Whether you want to build ships, play in adventure, play in the arena, build harbors, participate in battles, or acquire pets, your imagination is your only limitation. The games are available in different modes: player-vs-player (PVP), player-vs-environment (PVE), tournaments, treasure hunting, and adventures.

CryptoBay Gameplay
Image credit: CryptoBay

Like any other crypto game, CryptoBay has rules that players need to follow. The main rule is the use of contracts to determine which player plays first. Usually, the number of stats a player or the pirate has will determine who will play first. The higher the stats a player has, the more chances of acquiring new skills such as defense, attack, space, morale, and speed.

Notably, the attack stat determines whether the player or the pirates have a torpedo attack, while morale determines whether each player has a missile attack.

The missile and torpedo attack stats enable the player and the pirate to break the shield. Without these two forms of attacks, the game players can only make typical attacks but not break the shield. 

Earning on CryptoBay

The platform allows users to earn through tokens. As you may know, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represent actual world items such as videos, music, or photos. As a well-known fact, tokenising actual items facilitates trading while at the same time reducing fraud.

The PEARL or Bay tokens drive the economy of CryptoBay. You need tokens to build, buy, or maintain ships. Similarly, you need some amount of token to carry out any transaction. PEARL and Bay tokens work like any fiat currency in the real world. Players can earn tokens by participating in arena games, adventures, fighting pirates, or fighting other players.

Building Ships

Within the metaverse, players build ships using the bones of ancient creatures such as dinosaurs. The body parts are equivalent to skill, defense, attack, speed, space, and morale stats. Notably, different parts of the dinosaur, such as the legs, paws, skull, ribs, and spine, have different stat values. Although in rare cases, we also have ships made out of Eudemons.

CryptoBay Ships
Image credit: CryptoBay

The Marketplace

You can find the marketplace function under the menu key of your account. Here, you can see your entire transaction summary. The marketplace is where all the transactions take place. You can buy or sell ships in the market, trade your digital assets, take part in auctions, or even purchase mystery boxes.

If you buy a mystery box, it may contain a mini harbor that allows you to own ships, build ships, and produce wood. Each user account can only have one mystery box or ship. However, we allow users to create multiple accounts on the platform.