The Dungeon Universe Free to Play, Open World MMORPG

The Dungeon Universe is a growing free-to-play MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) connecting blockchain technology with gaming passion. The creators of this metaverse game have innovatively built an NFT-driven avenue for the entertaining and economic benefit of its community.

With all its beautiful features, the utilisation of blockchain technology will be a major feature of the Dungeon Universe crypto game. For playing this game, participants will be rewarded for all the time invested in the platform. Powered by Enjin, this upcoming NFT game is play-to-earn and includes NFTs that increase defense, attack and special effects on a player.

Dungeon Universe Crypto Game
Image credit: Dungeon Universe

The Vision of the Dungeon Universe

According to the makers of the Dungeon Universe, every player “will be rewarded for every activity” they engage in.” Whether you love to play alongside skilled players in a group or you prefer to be a solo player, the software developers have also promised a lot of content. All you need to do is sign up on their website and get started on this beautiful online gaming journey.

Rewards for the players’ invested time could begin with armor and weapons but will change over time to the likes of pets, materials, recipes, and player housing. There are also several other undiscovered items that players will be rewarded with.

The Dungeon Universe is blockchain technology-inspired and has come into existence with the combat sports industry’s best practices. The game is appearing as a top-level and revolutionary one that promises to benefit the economy and its growing community of players.

Key Features of the Dungeon Universe


Dungeon Universe Gameplay
Image credit: Dungeon Universe

This crypto game provides countless combats like solo and group dungeons, world bosses, monsters, mythic towers, raids, Arenas, among others. As mentioned earlier, the contents will come in massively for solo players or adventurers who fancy playing games with other groups of players like guilds and friends.

Housing and Lands for Players

The content built to suit the players’ gaming desires on Dungeon Universe is always fun. The creators of this NFT game have provided several sections to enable players to have land, construct on it, decorate, and therefore display personalised mini-cities for other players to see. There are massive landscapes and a well-built environment for players to explore.

The Skins and Emotes

These are big characteristics of the game. How would you feel about the possibility of expressing your best dance move on an online game? Wow! That is an absolute beauty. The Dungeon Universe has made it possible for you as a player to do that or the rare skin gotten while you were killing mobs. You can obtain these skins and emotes at special and seasonal events or a drop.

Player Shops and Auction House

Other players can benefit from the game by purchasing blockchain items via a third-party system or the in-game auction house. Additionally, player shops have been developed to allow you to open a store. This store can be in a location suitable enough for you to sell items, whether online or offline.


In a bid to find the rare NFTs, professions become very important in the Dungeon Universe crypto game. Three professions are initially created in this game: scout, wizard, and fighter. However, the creators have said more professions will be added over time.

Raids and Dungeons

This depicts the takeover and dominance of terrifying beasts and monsters. Players can fight these beasts in dungeons in an open world or battle them by forming a raid.

NFT Characters

Dungeon Universe NFTs
Image credit: Dungeon Universe

The items in this tech game are basically NFTs. This means trading the non-fungible tokens by players is made possible, with the ability to make a profit from sales. Items that can be traded and sold for profit include jewelry, materials, pets, and weapons.

Blockchain Technology Adopted

The Dungeon Universe crypto community stems from the idea of connecting blockchain technology with MMORPGs. This has come to reality with NFTs and the JumpNet integration.

Dungeon Universe founder has reiterated the commitment of the community to change the status quo by introducing blockchain into the combat game industry and extensively to an abundant number of people.

Enjin has an enviable track record in NFT pioneering and is a tested and well-trusted technology. Statistics reveal that the game companies that have used Enjin so far are about 40. That speaks volumes about Enjin’s trustworthiness and quality.


The Dungeon Universe crypto game is moving towards the play-to-earn economy and it is an absolutely free-to-play game. It is a great way for individuals to play games, trade, and also invest. It’s a game for the now and the future. The game acknowledges how the blockchain gaming industry is a vast improvement on the centralized nature of the traditional games that do not offer players ownership of their skins, emotes, and equipment.