Why You Should Play DeFi Kingdoms 

We’ve found that DeFi Kingdoms is a crypto game like no other. After all, it’s a play-to-earn game that’s combined with a healthy dose of decentralized finance. All of which gives you an awesome chance to pick up some highly tradable Defi Kingdoms NFTs. So let’s take a closer look at one of the most fascinating crypto games of recent times.

Defi Kingdoms Crypto Game
Image credit: Defi Kingdoms

What is DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms is an innovative crypto game that’s built on the Harmony ONE blockchain. The whole focus of this crypto game is that you earn tradable NFTs as you play. You do this by existing in the world, and from here you’re faced with a bunch of choices such as how to use your heroes to defend your gardens which means that you’ll be able to unlock any farming tokens much more quickly. 

It’s important to note that this NFT game is only just getting started and there will be plenty more cool features added in the coming months. For example, once you get enough tokens you can even buy some land to build your own kingdom. Plus you can create your own buildings, craft your own equipment for the valiant heroes, and much more. All of which shows that DeFi Kingdoms is like an entire universe within itself. 

How does the gameplay work?

There are several different gameplay modes in the game which include PVP and PVE tournaments. However, the gaming action always exists in the same universe of DeFi Kingdoms that is a cute and colorful world that features a marketplace, tavern, bank, portal, gardens and professions areas. This means that you can wander around swapping Jewel tokens or create an LP pair so that you can start mining in the Liquidity Farming Pools. 

Defi Kingdoms Gameplay
Image credit: DeFi Kingdoms

We should note that there are further ways to boost liquidity by heading over into the Gardens area where you get to unlock yet more Jewel rewards. Just don’t forget to head over to the Bank where you can even stake your assets and earn while you play. DeFi Kingdoms is planning to expand its world map in the coming months so that you get entire new territories of deserts, mountains, and oceans to hunt down those all-important Jewel tokens. 

What is the main DeFi Kingdoms token?

By climbing your way through the world, you’ll find yourself acquiring those all-important Jewel tokens. These are the main currency of the game, and they can then be traded on the Harmony ONE platform – the blockchain featuring the UniwapV2 Protocol. This means that you’ll get a safe and speedy way to trade whatever rewards you’ve earned through playing the game.

Can you get NFTs?

Yes, NFTs are a central part of what DeFi Kingdoms is all about. The main NFTs are those Hero NFTs that you can buy or sell on any decent NFT marketplace. There are also options to combine or level up these hero NFTs to make them even more valuable. 

However, some of the equipment NFTs are equally important. This is because each hero you have will be able to create and trade popular NFTs like the Mythic Amulets. Each of these NFTs features the retro artwork that’s such a big part of this game’s appeal. All of which should give you lots of incentive to keep playing the awesome DeFi Kingdoms game.