Jakaverse 2022 press conference officially confirmed, introduces virtual island for games

Jakaverse - Photo Twitter @jkcoin_official

Jaka Corporation, through its Jakaverse project, provides the virtual Island including more than 22 forms of games, revolving on upgrading simultaneously, now plunging into the Metaverse platform where programmers collaborate with the team in many nations.

Furthermore, the Island is a hub of gaming, retail merchants, and services, with thousands of games, consumer goods, and services to delight and unwind people after a long day.

JAKA Corporation Company Limited, popularly known as A.JAKA, is a metaverse creator and distributor of online games, consoles, CD games, and accessories with outlets in retail stores in Bangkok, Thailand. Online channels, as well as social media and major eCommerce platforms, are among the company’s sales streams.

It won the most popular vote in Thailand Investor Exchange Forum 2020, and it aspires to become a global leader in Jakaverse virtual games.

What Jakaverse offers

Jakaverse’s goal is a paradise of games wherein everyone may enjoy and grow in one setting. This platform allows gamers and developers to simply create new games and launch them into the virtual world.

Since one can have their own place creating things and distributing to its community or providing services, business and trading are within their reach with a single tap such as educational institutions, restaurants, medical facilities, lodging, and transportation, among others.

Due to the virtual technology that enables participants, guests, and business associates to meet together, unveiling a brand new technology and innovative product may no longer require going to an exhibition hall. There will be no more travel costs, yet people from all across the world will be able to visit. It is the quickest and easiest way for clients to receive delivery on the day of launch.

The blocks will go on pre-sale on Jakaverse in early March 2022, with all blocks apparently being overbooked. In addition, the major brands are increasingly booking space on the island.

Delving deep into metaverse world

Jakaverse just published three games on the platform for trial version in the first quarter of this year. Jakaverse is the creator of the cryptocurrency JK Coin, which is presently traded on major exchanges such as LBank, Hotbit Exchange, Pancakeswap, and CoinMarketCap. The market value is estimated to be at 6,000,000,000 USD.

JK Coin is a ready-to-use utility token for purchasing JAKA ecosystems items and services. JK Coin aspires to be a Gamefi Metaverse Lover, bringing convenience and efficiency to its holders in a variety of ways.

The preliminary issuance amount of JK Coin is 1 billion (i.e. 1,000,000,000), of which 30% is apportioned for reward in the Play to Earn and staking system, 34.8% for marketing, 0.2% private sale, 15% for the ecosystem, and the remaining 20% is allocated to the team and consultants.

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