My Neighbor Alice – Crypto Multiplayer Builder Game

My Neighbor Alice takes you to a whole new world. The game is set up in a big island complex in the Lummelunda archipelago. It is an exciting place where people and animals mingle freely and even work together. It is engaging and interesting to both beginners and seasoned cryptocurrency traders. Being a multiple-player game, millions of players can join by purchasing land or participating in activities like a bug, beekeeping, and fishing, among many others.

Inspired by popular games like Animal Crossing, this game brings two worlds together in an incredible way. You can join the game to enjoy gameplay or to trade NFTs. Even newbies who know nothing about NFT will not have a problem collecting NFTS. Once you become part of Alice’s world, you meet her friends, including Beekeeper Bob, Shipwright Jose, Ivan the Merchant, and Bjorn the bear. You earn rewards through helping Alice and interacting with the neighbors. The rewards enable you to access in-game items, which you can use on your land.

Once you buy land, you can start decorating and designing it to attract others. You have access to tools to change the landscape and use NFTs available in different forms, including vegetation, animals, furniture, buildings, and many others. Besides, it is possible to earn rewards through quests and competitions.

My Neighbor Alice Gameplay

My Neighbor Alice NFT gameplay

My Neighbor Alice is a game with an exciting plot that attracts ordinary players and blockchain enthusiasts. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, with many features to help you play and explore the game deeply.

Every player is an avatar, interacting with other avatars in the game. However, you modify your avatar by adding assets to it. You have to buy land from Alice or the game’s marketplace to get started. You transform the terrain into something beautiful using the different in-game items available like lakes, houses, plants, animals, and many other things on sale in the game.

Players trade game items in the in-game marketplace and NFT markets through blockchains. As a player, you get rewards once you prove to be an excellent landowner. They include becoming part of the Community Council. Besides, players can work together to achieve a similar goal.

My Neighbor Alice

For example, a community can create events, and players engage in competitions and various activities. The game has a decentralized forum where players can discuss the games’ activities plan voting schedules in the Decentralized Organization while making new friends.

My Neighbor Alice NFTs and Tokenomics

My Neighbor Alice game economy thrives on Alice tokens. Token holders use them to buy in-game assets, make for their avatar, land and participate in the crypto game. Besides, the tokens earn holders’ rewards and encourage players to support their surroundings and hold as many tokens as possible.

My Neighbor Alice creates monetary incentives to motivate their most committed players. It provides a fair number of tokens, especially on the staking rewards. Therefore, it encourages players to keep their tokens in the initial stages and spend them as they go up levels.

My Neighbor Alice NFT

All NFTs purchased through the system allow a small percentage of the amount spent to the collateral account that deals with NFT games. But you can also sell the NFT back or use them to make money. If you have NFT in the form of land, you can rent it to other users.

The best thing is that you sign a smart contract to ensure that the tenant or borrower cannot destroy or resell the item. You get your object back once the contract expires. While at a glance, Alice My Neighbor may not look like a blockchain game, it is the easiest for beginners who want to trade cryptocurrencies.

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