Ember Sword: Crypto MMORPG with a Player-Driven Economy

Ember Sword is a modern and new definition of MMORPG, entertaining players with epic adventures. The game’s design and principles are for a community, which means participants can make friends as they play. This game is accessible instantly, allowing everyone to enjoy being part of the Thanabus world. But above all, the revenue made on Thanabus is shared with the community empowering them through ownership of various digital assets.

About the Game

After undergoing many internal tests, Ember Sword was finally released in early 2022. The game is free to play and built on the Ethereum blockchain by Bright Star Studios. This game doesn’t require the player to pick any role or class. Users can choose their preferred character and a home location before venturing into the adventurous but dangerous Ember Sword world.

Ember Sword Crypto Game
Image credit: Ember Sword

The play-to-earn game is full of action with a combat system where players have to beat other players, defeat monsters, or become tradespeople in the Ember Sword. Some of the skilled roles you can engage in include being a weapon craftsman or an artistic refiner in the game.

Players get different quests, resources, and monsters depending on their chosen region. Players have access to many activities, including fishing, blacksmithing, mining, woodcutting, and much more.

Ember Swords Gameplay

Ember is browser-based, and you can play it on a Mac or PC. But a mobile version is expected before the end of 2022. As a player, you are assured full player autonomy, which means you do not play any role or choose a class, but still have the ability to control and dictate your gameplay experience. A player must have a wallet to keep their currency, collectibles, and in-game assets. The developers of the crypto game recommend MetaMask as the ideal wallet. The good thing is that it is easy to access the game through the website and start earning.

How to Earn

The game developers have designed the game so that you do not need to make a big investment to start playing. This makes it easy for anyone to play and make some money. You earn the game’s tokens in different ways that prioritize participants’ excitement and fun. Besides, the graphics are high quality, making Ember’s activities game activities exciting and engaging.

In Ember Sword, you can buy a regular plot, city, town, or settlement and enjoy benefits such as title and permission to build. If you manage to buy land properly, you earn some passive income. You can also sell valuables available on the land, construct facilities, and rent to other people. If you do not have land, you can earn through trading and questing.

Ember Sword Crypto Game
Image credit: Ember Sword

Landowners in Ember Sword are given half of the revenues made in the game. The share is paid in the form of an ERC-20 token. However, you must be active to increase your chances of making profits. Make sure you attract many players to your land to maximize your profits. The best land is in a busy region because it will attract more business.

Ember Sword Token

The Ember Sword’s token is Embers and there are different ways to earn it in the game. Some of the activities you can engage in include fishing, combat, and woodcutting. Apart from earning you tokens, these activities help you drive your skill level higher. You can also earn Embers through finishing quests and killing monsters or winning PvP game battles.

Players use the token to buy land in the game and increase the chances of making more. The landowners allow other players to use at a fee, and the landowner earns Ember, which is the Ember Sword’s ERC-20 token. They can also sell valuables and build facilities for other players to use. This game has a social element and enables gamers to make money and earn rewards through various in-game activities. Earning tokens pushes players to move from one level to another and eventually own land in the game.