Neon District: Free to Play, Play to Earn Cyberpunk RPG

Get ready cyberpunks as we’ve got a great Neon District review for you. We’ve found that this is an awesome play-to-earn crypto game that’s full of futuristic themes. Not that Neon District is just another rip-off dystopia. Instead, it’s a game that’s packed full of unique NFTs and you can even get missions where you deliver pizza. All of which has helped this game to become one of the hottest crypto games. So put on your shades, throw on that leather jacket and let’s head into the future with our Neon District review!

Neon District Crypto Game
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What is Neon District?

Think of Blade Runner combined with blockchain technology and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what this game is all about. That’s right, a rain-soaked dystopia filled with shadowy figures doing nasty things under flickering neon lights. 

Sounds scary right? Well, thankfully Neon District is actually a great play-to-earn roleplaying game. Plus it’s completely free to play so it can’t be all that menacing. The whole thing takes place on Matic and Ethereum blockchain technology meaning that you get a reliable way to store and trade whatever NFTs you pick up. So let’s have a closer look at gameplay. 

How does the game work?

Neon District is actually a pretty straight-head role-playing game. Your main tasks will be to collect characters and special in-game items. From here you can craft unique gear and level up. Oh and there’s a whole lot of bloodthirsty battling to do too! This can be found either as part of the various multiplayer missions or through the turn-based combat mechanism. 

There’s also a good amount of humour involved. This is because there’s of the Neon Pizza mode. This sees you earning that all-important Neon simply by delivering pizza to residents in the metropolis. Obviously, there will be some vicious creeps looking to ambush you and intercept your order, but if you fight them off, you’ll get plenty of tradable rewards. 

Neon District Gameplay
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Neon District tokens

You can start playing this NFT game with one free character, but in order to progress through the game you’ll have to start getting some of the in-game currency. This comes in the form of NEON and Juice. Thankfully you get 300 Neon and five Juice to begin your mission meaning that you can quickly purchase three more characters to build your team with. The Neon and Juice that you earn can also be collected and used to level up each character on your team. 

Neon District NFTs

The main NFTs come in the form of the characters. These all have their own classes such as demons, docs, geniuses, ghosts, heavies and jackers. You can build up a team of different classes to make sure that they are suited to the different activities such as combat, healing, hacking and so on. 

Beyond this, each character has a range of statistics covering things like health, attack, defense, tactics, nano and so on. All of which makes them completely unique so that you can trade them as NFTs. 

However, there are many more Neon District NFTs beyond the main characters. A quick look at a standard NFT marketplace reveals that people are trading Neon District NFTs in anything from sneakers to weapons. All of which can be bought or sold using the Ethereum crypto.

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